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But for now, let us go to Alaska the day. And this is a very interesting when my friends we've got some breaking news, so saddle up here several months ago, we spoke to Austin Vander Ford following his win on the Dana white contender series show. And I said that I thought it was a travesty that they didn't sign him didn't understand it. Then don't understand it now. But Austin Vander Ford has moved on. And he has some news to share with all of us. Let's go to the magic a Skype and say Hello to Austin band afford. Who's been patiently waiting Austin? How are you? I'm doing really well. And thank you for for for waiting for us. We got a little backed up today. So I appreciate your patience. Let's not waste any time. What's what's going on? What's on your mind? Gosh, I got got some awesome news over the past few days you weeks, and yeah, I'm excited I'm signing with Bella tour. And yeah. I couldn't be more excited. Can't wait to get out and site competing congratulate. I like the shirt, it's a nice well done. You know? I you you do know I've got jailed Sunday as my yes. I got a full out some stuff every once in a while. Yes. A little showmanship. I like it. So congratulations. How did this come about? Did they reach out to you that you re because because you I remember you telling me before the contender series show, you had talks with them as well. Yeah. There was there's some dialogue back and forth and whatnot. And you know, things things just played out. And yeah, fortunately, they were they were still interested in you know, I fought. I fought like a month and a half ago. And yeah, there was there was still interested in super fortunate in an excited, man. I'm really happy with with the route that I'm going in all that. So okay. And so do you have your debut fight say yet? No nothing yet. We we signed everything last week. And so just kind of been waiting for the right opportunity to to announce in whatnot in and so yeah, I mean, this is the the first really that anyone knows about it. And yeah, so excited can't wait to see you know, who I get for my first opponent. And and all that. So and I appreciate you coming here to announce it, we thank you very much for.

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