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Which. Listener support w. NYC studios. Nineteen ninety-five who was the year of the J. Simpson verdict sewing feld Frappuccino unleashed across America little website called Amazon sold it ferry first book. One thousand nine hundred hundred was also the twenty two soccer players from the US national team flew from Uruguay feeling. They were ready to take on the world. They beat and superpower Oaten Tina. They made a socket, God, Diego, Maradona cry. They were prime now to start a qualification for the nineteen ninety eight World Cup and then leave yet hard pounding little soccer hearts. They told they could be giant killers, dark horses, a team with outside shot at shock in the world, and maybe laying claim to the cuff itself. We had a swagger, but that wasn't arrogance. That's confidence, confidence, and era. They are completely different for me. We were confident team. When we walked out on the field, we knew that we could beat anybody in the world. That's the United States. Captain Marcelo Balboa who's at defensive rock who also played club soccer professionally down in Mexico. Bobo long, been a fixture, the national news now gearing up to lead it into a World Cup qualifying. It's a protracted process and US will play sixteen games against their neighbors from across north and Central America and the Caribbean over the course of twelve months enough good results and they'd be, but we'll qualification is an ordeal in its own right victory. It's never a given. So the teams coach, Steve Sampson, he got to work and he had some decisions to make his long-term go. I was to qualify to win his way into the World Cup, but day in and day out, it was some-some was holding brewed way, oh dishes. Which plans would make the cut who don't a starting role and it won't position the worst thing that I ever did as I started thinking, okay, what does Samson want from me that I can do in this game today to get myself back starting spot? That's got to me the two different Steve's Steve sort of at the beginning of, you know, way took the interim to about middle through the qualifying and those a second type of Steve afterward. This is Jeff Agoos you've not met him before and we'll be returning to soon just no, for now he was a defender who've been on and off the team since nineteen eighty eight. So he's an established veteran by the time Steve arrived, the first eve. That is the first one was very inclusive and he brought a lot of people into the tent and you know, Asselot questions, and he was very quizzes of Steve Sampson version will defer to the place. I'm just grateful to have a job, and then the second type of Steve was sort of, I know what I'm doing and I'm, this is this is what I'm going to do and you're there on the, you're on the bus, you're not on the bus, and I'm going to be driving this this way. I wanna drive it Steve Sampson version to who calls the shots I do did I feel that I had to do something different for world championship? Absolutely. But if you don't evolve and try to influence change, that's when you get caught. He didn't want to let this car drive itself, and I can respect that. That's defender Alexi Lalas. But I also think at times he wanted to to literally sit in the driver's seat and drive it. And I don't think that he was. Necessarily equipped to do that. And and I don't think that he recognized that that wasn't going to get the car going fast as it could, and most importantly get it to the place that needed to be now become the face of the sport in the United States. Thanks partly to his exploits in the nineteen ninety four will Cup and Paul because his subsequent moved to Italy, Syria, the world's best league at the time. And he took to the fail with a signature sweat, Phil Jinja goaty an aside career as a minor rooks. That's one of my favorite tracks from Jinja. Alexis Deb, you elva cookie, which to this day. True fact just three months to the ninety. Eight World Cup said Alexi spanned. Yep. Alexy's band would go onto for none other than Hootie and the blowfish. Oh, this is American Fieschi. American

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