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But I agree with Jason that there is you at least have to consider the possibility that Rex Burkhead will take goal-line work away. Melvin Gordon before the injury ten for sixty two. And then Austin Ecuador came in ended up a top ten running back on the week. Here's the question for fantasy owners. I saw a lot of this Ecuador versus Josh atoms. If you gotta pick one up, if you're the Gordon owner, does it matter or are you just trying to find the best option, regardless of whether it's your handcuff. Would you rather have Josh Adams or Austin equa and is Acura Rb one rest of season? What is he that's versus Josh Adams is a very. Interesting. Case because we we actually saw the changing of the guard for Josh Adams. He didn't make it into the super studs. But he was twenty two carries eighty four yards with a touchdown. He played on sixty two percent of the snaps. I mean, that's a monster amount for a Philadelphia running back and ABSA Mosser mount for any running back, really. So if that can continue it was we got the reports coming into the game that they Philadelphia's said they were gonna make Josh Adams the featured running back we've heard teams say things like that. But they actually did it so comparing Austin Eckert sue, Josh Adams. I think is extremely difficult, especially if you're saying you are the Melvin Gordon owner. I if I had Gordon I think I would prefer to have Ecuador because I know that his role is safe. If I was in a standard league, not no PR at all. All I would lean atoms. Otherwise, I think I would go Acura. Yeah. That's the way. I would my stance is pretty stark difference between. You know, I think Kerry's are going to be an Adams favor for sure yes, they they will be because Josh Jackson will come in. It get some of the carries equity is not going to be a journey. Yes. Sorry. Justin Jackson will come in equities not going to be thirty Kerry type or thirty touch type running back. He's just not built for that. But I don't love Josh Adams upcoming schedule. Either Washington Dallas the Rams Houston. With the way Phillies plan. I mean, I just this isn't a super high powered offense right now. Matt Brita fourteen for one. Oh, six played great. Yes. He did little bit of a difficult scheduled in the year, though. Seattle up in Seattle, then Denver then Seattle again than Chicago. Oh, yeah. Not great wide receivers. Let's talk about him. He he did work this week. He ended up number one on the week Haney with Amari Cooper, eight for one eighty and two on nine targets. Thanksgiving Day feast from our EKO over a juju also had a monster. We thirteen for one eighty nine in one had the ninety seven yarder that kinda helps these guys each had a ninety plus yard. Touchdown catch. Did you see how many targets juju now? It'd be seventeen. So I'm playing a game. You're playing a game where I've gotten -opoly. I've got it's called fantasy football. Okay. And I got Antonio Brown and the other guys get juju your star your stars. Oh, you're seeing a huge fan. Oh difficult to watch the guy that I have been high on for so long love so much just destroy my face. And the thing is that sucks is every time that there is any kind of pass to an open wide receiver wearing that Steelers jersey. It's always it's only oh Brown in your mind at first, you know, the he don't see always it doesn't matter. If he's on the other side of the field like oh Antonio Brown lined up to the right, and now is deep pass the left. It's still is to cross the field that every time. It was. Yes. While seventeen times. Yes. Seven. Nineteen different disappointments for you. Yes. On a Sunday after one big disappointment while ninety seven yard disappointment. What gimme another name. Gimme another stud at the wide receiver position. You wanna talk about? There were some big ones talked about Tyler Boyd Calvin. Ridley had a nice game this week dated bring up. I didn't know if he was still talking about even more. I would bring up a manual Sanders..

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