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Because of what he's done in black community. Okay. Here's a little taste of what he's done in the black community white folks going down. And Satan is going down. Farrakhan by God's grace has cut. Oh. The vet safe panic Jude. And I'm here to say. So I mean, you know, that's that's quite an accomplishment there. We're going to be looking into the women's March on Thursdays television broadcast. You don't want to miss that. You want the truth about, you know, the people who are running the women's March movement had it the the mainstream media won't give you all of this. They're not going to say anything they will talk about. If you're a deplorable. How Hitlerite you are even though you don't like Hitler you like the Jews us support, Israel, whatever it is. They'll still tell you that you're a white supremacist and yada, yada, yada. But Louis Farrakhan can say these things, and they don't mind we do, and we have the expose coming up on television program only on the blaze, TV, speaking of television. I. You know, look. Now, let me just say this Gillette, you're dead to me. You're dead to me. And I started watching this with an open mind, and I thought okay, you know, what I agree with these things. I don't want men to be pigs. I hate I I watched mad men. Did you watch madman now? Okay. So I watched mad men, and it's like, I can't believe the world was like that. It's not like that. And if you are like that, you're a throwback, and you just don't have any place in the world wasn't like that people were not that good looking back then. Okay. I'll give you. I'll give you that. All right. So listen to this Gillette ad..

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