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How because i didn't want to be going to it now and i did not know the code wow i was just like that's how we're gonna do this i avoided screens of all kinds and news i mean the whole thing and what i realized was that my felt truly that my brain was resetting yeah and so what was the first few weeks for you like the first couple of days there's there's a level of anxiety for sure like my hand kept going to my pocket that way you were describing with the table my hand would just kick just by default before you know it reminded me of that it's like if in the olden days fifteen years ago if you were going to meet a friend at a bar right you call them you say all right i'll meet you on the corner of sixth and fourteenth okay well now if you go to six and fourteenth if they're not there that second would meet yup what are you doing liking instagram's you're where're you you're looking you're shopping all these things you never just stop and smell the roses you never just stop in and stand there so what i really sized was the more that i got off there the more i was i found even though i'm a pretty patient person in general and i like talking to people obviously i found i was nicer to cashiers at at market like little little interactions like that i found it wasn't the big one's pretty good at the big one that i found that the little daytoday ones just being present more every time you get out of your car to go to buy a sandwich you stare at your phone and just that ability to be president and then the other thing was that when you stop doing it you start looking at everyone else like they're crazy when you see these people in their necks epidemic dinners together no one's looking at each other anymore and you you walk into a restaurant and nobody's nobody just sits and just does this anymore like taking in people in the world no one people watches and impotence anymore no one people watches in airports anymore so if we're not people watching anymore and i believe people watching is this beautiful way.

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