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Here's Veronica Waters and Jughead about him. President Biden touches on the Atlanta spawn mass murders during his address, promising to do all he can to address the gun violence, epidemic and root out systemic racism. I also want to thank the United States Senate For voting. 94 to 1 the past covert 19 Hate crimes Act to protect Asian American Pacific Islanders by noted that White House flags were still flying at half mast for Atlanta's eight victims with 10. More lives were taken in Colorado Senator Tim Scott's Republican response to President Biden's address contents. He's trying to put government and everybody's lives. We should be expanding opportunities and options for all families, not throwing money at certain issues because Democrats think they know bad the president's family plan. Proposal includes Universal, pre K Free Community College in federal paid family Leave. First Lady Jill Biden hosts a virtual reception for guests who ordinarily would have joined her in a box at the U. S. Capitol for the address, she says the five guests personify themes in the president's speech. He knows that these aren't just issues to be debated or polled. The challenges that shape your lives, Dr. Biden told her guests that everything the president is doing is for them. Twitter is having a field day with a sleepy senator, as Ted Cruz is spotted falling asleep during President Biden's congressional address, some of the comments included calling him Ted Snooze, Double DS Reduced time. Seven Oh, three new federal charges for the three Men behind bars awaiting trial for killing Ahmad Armory, Double The ESPYs. Michelle write reports live. A federal grand jury handed up the indictments Wednesday afternoon. That's right, Travis and Gregory McMichael, along with Really, Um Roddy Brian are now facing federal attempted kidnapping and hate. Crime charges in the killing of the 25 year old Aubrey in Brunswick last year, WSB senior legal analyst Ron Carlson explained. The new indictment realized on the federal statute, which makes it a serious felony to attack and injure someone on a kind of his or her race, religion or sexual orientation. The cases former prosecutor joy at home sales Channel two action news she's pleased with the moon was very happy to hear that the indictments came down to make Michael's are also facing an additional federal weapons charge. Reporting live, Michelle right, 95. Mi five. WSB speaking as a private citizen, he says former Atlanta Mayor Cassim Retells Kiss one of 4.1 the city's crime greatest unacceptable metal detectors on fifth Plaza Lenox Square Mall. Are you kidding me? In our lifetime we've never seen, Reid says he feels a lot of calls about running for mayor again. But that's not part of his plans. Crime is shaping up to be the central issue with the mayoral race. Mayor Bottoms has called it a covert crime wave. Nobody has produced time. Seven. Oh, five were reporting on this story too little later this hour. The plane to put up 10,000 new streetlights in Atlanta is part of the effort to fight crime. It'll make the the pictures a little easier to turn on all the security cameras. It's five minutes after seven o'clock, it's timed up day. Weather and traffic. WSB beer all destruct. Mellish Jackson with Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast, right, Scott forecast for today. Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, little more humid on Lee a 30% chance of an isolated shower by the end of the Day or this evening. Hi 81 lows tonight 57 to 60 tomorrow Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. High 78 Low's 50 to 54 Saturday mostly sunny to partly sunny highs. 78 Low's 53 to 57 Recapping the forecast for today. Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, little more humid on Lee a 30% chance of an isolated shower late day or evening in a high around 81. Yesterday was 83 right now is 64 on Peachtree Street. I mean, the rocks is correct knowledge. 95.5 WSB. Let's get on top of the morning driving.

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