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Was excited to get a run in the super bowl play we've been working on for the last couple of weeks and just needed the right time right opportunity and guys guys executed brilliantly how interesting that both teams call the play for the quarterback to catch a ball only one of them did and it ended up working out how was that play for the eagles it was huge it was huge in like the play call when you talk to doug peterson he he said i'm going to be aggressive i'm not kicking field goals i'm going for touchdowns actually meant it and he minted i was i was talking alex smith lada guys in town talking to alex smith the night before and no actually it was friday night knows the night before and he was talking about not being aggressive the only team kansas city who this year beat both of these teams in the super bowl and he talked about how important as a quarterback it is to stay aggressive the entire game the entire season doug peterson did it in his team responded when you go for play like that before the half it's like a heavyweight match in the boxing ring where it's like you are going against the heavyweight champion of the world and you're giving him everything you have buster douglas mike tyson i'm swinging with everything i have because i have nothing to lose you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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