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The president. I'm Beth Myers and the news radio. 1000 Katie. Okay. New center President Trump says he will not participate in the next presidential debate with the very latest now here is John Decker. President Trump on Fox business, vowing not to participate in next week's debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden after organizers announced it will take place virtually because of the president's diagnosis for covert 19. No, I don't want to do a virtual debate because virtual debate is is a joke. No reason I'm in great shape. I just, You know, Unlike Jo, I don't have the luxury of staying in a basement All day long. I'm running a country the Trump campaign, saying the president will hold a campaign rally instead next Thursday night, Abidin spokeswoman saying the former vice president looks forward to speaking directly to the American people. The State Drug Bureau says it has identified more deaths in Oklahoma that can be linked. To counterfeit oxycodone pills were now since May that weaken tied to these pills. We've got 10 deaths. Where they look like oxycodone. But they all are filled with fentanyl. That spokesman Mark Woodward details. Katie Okay news. Two victims died just this week in Grady County after buying fake oxycodone pills on the street. Tested positive for fentanyl, which could be upto 1000 times more potent than morphine or heroin. He says. The pills continued to circulate in communities and there could be more victims. Underway today at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City and interim legislative study on race relations in Oklahoma State representative Mike Osborn, a Vinod says the issue has the full attention of the legislature brace.

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