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Dave dombrowski and the incompetence that is him and everything he attempts to do or does not do as general do boy more jack henry and the beantown fighters you really hate yourself some dave bodo because i mean wh guys like dave dombrowski pretty much every general manager and this is why like above all else above the super bowl titles above the success of tom brady above all of it the reason i respect bilbao check the most is because i consider myself a very intelligent and observant sports fan and he is constantly doing things that i don't understand that end up working out and with some alike dave dombrowski that's why when watching bella check and appreciating bella check it only reaffirms to me that dave dombrowski isn't equipped to do what he is actually doing he's equipped to be probably of great executive of a lot of businesses where all he really has to do as sign off on things i'm sure he would be great at that and i'm i'm not questioning his business mind necessarily or anything like that but he's basically a do boy and he's basically benhaddouga buoyant it every one of his managerial stops he shows up and he gets his instructions and just goes about doing whatever uh he was told to do as opposed to and i get it they're probably be allowed to build that wall that's what the gender met general manager does and to a certain degree yes but you know if you're just going to be making the most obvious moves all the time and when you're just going to be giving up whatever anyone wants to get a deal done i mean i just don't see any skill in that and so that above all else above the way he talks to the media and all those other things that above all i just look at dave dombrowski and i don't see any talent there i don't see why he's worthwhile to really any team and.

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