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Will require no new taxes, but we'll still fully fund education is budget invests a record $7.5 billion into K through 12 education, which is $213 million above and beyond. Education spending formulas proposed by the Legislature. $151 million will also go to tutoring grants for students that have fallen behind during the pandemic. The budget also includes over a billion dollars in pandemic relief through tax cuts and emergency relief for families and small businesses. This includes more than $1 billion in tax cuts to help every single retired Marylander now the state Legislature will review the proposed budget. Luke Luke to Beauty O P News, a Gallaudet University student from D. C. Is under arrest, accused of assaulting a police officer during the deadly siege on Capitol Hill. The FBI case, the FBI says Vitali Gauss, Jankowski turned himself over to police charging documents and photos show him holding a Taser inside the Capitol January 6th, but he denies using it on D C officer Mike for known Gauss. Jankowski is charged with several federal crimes. He's one of seven people accused of attacking the officer for known, says he was beaten by the crowd taste numerous times He had his back. Majin radios stolen as a result of all that he suffered a mild heart attack. Ah, Woodbridge teacher is on leave tonight after apparently telling students he was at the Capitol On the day of the riot. The student at Fred Lynn Middle School, took video of his teachers admission and posted it on social media. In the video plumbers has the media's characterization of the people of black lives matter. Events last summer was not harsh enough about the media itself. Right. We listened to three months in the summer of organizations destroying and six burning cities, looting cities. Would have immediate say about these people. They're peaceful protests in comparison, he said. Hunks of orders that were incredibly beautiful. They all believe they're all Christians believing God, you know, they're not there to take a minute to hurt. Things are old middle class Benjamin Plummer's been on leave since Friday. It's unclear if he went inside the Capitol. The day of the riot. Prince William County Public schools says workers can be fired for taking part in criminal activity there now investigating the claims against plumber and possibly others. Meantime, in Loudon County, there could be more political pressure for the resignation of state delegate Dave LaRock. Critics blasted him for taking part in the rally and March before the riot. The Loudon County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on a resolution demanding the resignation of Dave LaRock, who represents part of Loudon County. It says low Rock has continued to make false allegations about the fairness of the election. Iraq. Tell us w T O P. He's amazed that loud and supervisors hate what he and other conservative stand for so much that they use county resource is to engage in a political witch hunt. Iraq, says supervisors who support the resolution should resign near log unstained Wtl Pena I had tonight in money news. How good a year was it for Netflix? Why Wal Mart is pushing back on a new Biden administration idea. Batteries could be better and longer lasting, But we'll have to wait a few more years to get there. All that.

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