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The Atlantic coast at the height of full foliage season with me, and Michelle Backman, who's one of my favorite presidential candidates and all the fun went out of the two thousand what was it? The two thousand twelve campaign all the fun of it went out when for me when when she withdrew from the race. And and Michelle will be joining me along with fairly Makhalira an mcelhinney who have the new no movie we mentioned yesterday. And if you go to Mark Stein crew, directed by Nick Sassi, let's not forget that business Leah. The new film Wilbanks should be showing that on the cruise as so we'll be doing kind of movie night in which failing an will explain a bit about the move. He and Michelle Backman will be joining us, and we've got some all kinds of goodies going on and it departs from Montreal September twenty nine th the lands in Boston, whatever it is eight days later, and if you go to Mark Stein cruise dot com, you can sign up for an I'd love to see you. I'd love to see it would be b be terrific. No. Yeah. You can't. You can. Yeah. You because cabins a you always wanna on these things you always want to be able to pick pick the kind of room you want and so Kevin's again fast. If yet amok sign cruise dot com. I look forward to seeing you out on the briny as we say, I'm pick it up out on the briny with Mark tiny. You can't get better than that. And that's coming up at the end of the month. There's some people who are not going to be on the cruise Mark Stein. Cruise dot com. Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Snerdley. I don't think Robert Ignatius ski is going to be one of those on the cruise. He just tweeted bay Mark sign online. Rush limbaugh. Cam guest host please not skip syllables of any sites examples. Veterans military secretary. He goes, it's free syllables not to veterans veterans. He wants we'd say veterans veterans do people say veterans. I don't know. I've been I've been heavy. I'm like, you know, I'm like some unassimilated I've been if he is I don't speak American venture. Miss. The word from above is. Syllables? Hey that bit of American. I do know veterans military secretary. I didn't realize I was leaving. I'm supposed to say secretary. That's a full syllable. Well, I'm not paid enough. A full syllable words, I'm not doing full syllable. Wedgie lucky? I'm not doing this show in monosyllables. But anyway, Robert Ignatius ski this a four syllable word Robert Ignatius, and I'm going to contract that Robert escape. He says it's gross to listen to. Take it up with my secretary, take it with my secretary, take it up with my secretary. I my veterans secretary the secretary for veterans affairs is that how you meant to say it. Secretary secretary for veterans. I'll never get this. Now, you've got me in a panic. Now, I'll never do it. I'm not secretary. If I if I'm stretch out secretary of veterans affairs secretary for veterans affairs. I would say that a couple more times would be the top of the ad. I tried that figured it out. Full syllable words, all four syllables. You don't need to say anything, and the show goes away instantly. Amazing the we will also talking about. And if you have read this new Bob Woodward book, congratulations. Because I can't get through it. And and I've I've I've seen as I said this characterization he has of the president. I mean, this book is about as credible as the lesbian make out saying in wild things too. I mean, it is it is absurd and ridiculous. And as we've discussed this is a man who became a billionaire Benny did something that nobody's ever done. He's got no government experience never been elected to anything and no public service expand. So he's not like Eisenhower who you won the second World War anything like that. He's never done any kind of public government job at all. So he does something unprecedented in the history of the country, and it becomes president. And then he runs the White House and a country. That's been told a better get used to one and a half percent economic growth. Suddenly finds itself with four percent economic growth. And the great Kayla foot of the Islamic state that was gobbling up land all over the Middle East. Suddenly finds its mighty Calif shrinking remorselessly with every passing days, then all kinds of things..

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