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The pride passion than patron Torri of college football lives here is though Paul finebaum show our three podcast what a bag we are. We've had a busy show and a lot of news happening all over the place depending on where you're feeling information at this hour more tomorrow on fire or tonight. I really couldn't tell you right now. There's so many things happening, and this is late August. It's usually a very quiet time. We're heading to Columbus shortly a as John mentioned Bill Clark will also join us and David oven talking about a number of things, but just a scene set. The urban Meyer story broke nearly three weeks ago and it was determined a couple of days into it that they would have some sort of determination, two weeks in two weeks ended on Sunday. This six person committee, including three trustees has handed. Over its report where where they interviewed a number of the not a number, all the key participants to the board of trustees and the president that meeting is tomorrow, and we're delighted to be joined by the very distinguished writer from Columbus. He is Tim, May he has covered the buckeyes for more than thirty years. We had him on a couple of weeks ago and we are thrilled to have him back, Tim. I know it's a crazy time. Let's let's just talk a little bit about what your newspaper has been reporting, including you and your colleagues about about how this process has unfolded as we say Hello to you? Good afternoon. Good afternoon ball. I mean, I, I didn't write the story today that had the Thurston that that did retweeted. But at the assertion that the board trustees might seek a suspension and our time served up penalty or time serve penalty for and Meyer. But you know, the more I hear about this thing basically, I'm hearing is urban Meyer followed, you know, follow the letter of the law is written out by how state. I mean as far as protocol goes, like you said, you know, three weeks ago or two and a half weeks ago and you know, I would not be surprised to see him. I don't think Zonta rate is the right word because this isn't illegal forum, but I wouldn't be surprised to maybe see him come out of this ready to go back on the field maybe as early as wins the afternoon or Thursday. But you know, who knows man when a comedian involved in then aborted, just he's involved and then ultimately the president university, you're not really sure how things are going to go and what they finally zero in on his said on your show. Oh, like what? Last week or couple of weeks ago. Yeah, Jim, listen, we're delighted to have you on because yours plugged into this program as you can possibly be, and I'm listening to you very closely and hearing what you're saying. Well, wait a minute you're closely. And I'm basically what I'm saying is I really still don't know exactly what's going to come down tomorrow. It was a lot of words about to give you a lot of credit by the way. But you're there and you know, sometimes you can. Sometimes you can't read the tea leaves, but if we hear you correctly, the wind seems to be blowing firmly in urban Meyer favors that fair. Well, you know, I said, I think sit on your show last time I was on. I know I've said it a bunch of times if you took urban Myers statement at its word and believed it means the one, the the long statement he issued on August, third, and then what you what you understood about. You know, like I said, the whole mechanics of the thing, for example, or the issues in the thing. For example, Zac Smith was never arrested or charged in two thousand fifteen incident. Those are just examples. Then it kinda makes you wonder why urban Meyer was on paid administrative leave in the first place. Clearly the university had some questions they wanted answered, but this has been a very thorough way. Understood. I wrote a story about that in today's paper at dispatch dot com. Where basically, you know these these guys who interviewed the witnesses that were brought forth. We're extremely thorough, extremely prepared. For example, there was a report, you know, as you well know last Friday about some of Zach Smith situ. While I'm trying to figure out a Nike way Murray report about sex toys, take pictures of himself. One is the most important thing as far as I'm concerned was the the revelation..

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