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An employee at a manatee county school is involved in a nationwide college bribery scandal. Mark ridell palmetto is an administrator at Brayden schenn's IMG academy and the FBI says he bribed SAT and ACT officials to take the college entrance exams for the children of parents who paid him to do. So meanwhile, the scandal has some Hollywood stars caught up in the sting which involves some of the country's most prestigious schools actress Laurie Lachlan most known for her role as an Becky on full house. I have a confession went onto marry famous and wealthy fashion designer Maasim Ojea newly and together they have two daughters. According to the indictment Lachlan and her husband agreed to pay five hundred thousand dollars in bribes to get their girls into USC the money allegedly bought them. Two spots on the women's rowing team. Their application allegedly had photo shopped images of the girls on rowing machines. Crystal crews reporting from L A Laughlin expected to turn herself into a thirties later today when governor Rhonda Santa's traveled to New York two weeks ago to meet with executives on Wall Street. He flew there on a charter jet owned by a south Florida billionaire the Republican party of Florida paid for the trip. So to Santa says there were no tax dollars involved. We are able to get up to New York. First thing in the morning did a whole bunch of great meetings and then end up back late that same night, it's done through the Republican party. It's all legal ethical, no issues there. The judge belongs to Jeffrey sulfur, the owner of the phones and blue resort hotel in Miami Beach company desanta this on the flight and had unfettered access to the governor. It may be legal. But the head of integrity Florida says it looks terrible in the public's eye. There will be a state Senate hearing. Intel Hassi today on a Bill to allow patients to smoke medical pot. The bill's sponsor state Senator Jeff Brandis of Saint Petersburg says voters approved it in two thousand sixteen but lawmakers banned the smoking a judge ruled that the ban was unconstitutional. It's nine zero four weather's next regardless of your age, whether you're in your forties or fifties or sixties you need to be aware that preparing for retirement is a long-term project. There's several things to consider accruing enough money, of course. But perhaps more important keeping the money that you do put away for your retirement safe to keep from losing it. And that's where David Graham on the Graham cavalier. Advisers come in they're committed to seeing that you have the peace of mind in knowing that your retirement will be secure to help you stay ahead of inflation. And of course, to make certain the victim of a major economic downturn could wipe you out, and it's.

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