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Delicious it really is that life has enough it is a joy lithuanian ninevolt by hurry you can't not try it the listeners haven't tried it go grab a piece of metal don't fizz vizi metal z i've always thought gas smells good a lot of people are antigas guards no i gotta make whatever casserole yeah get slow again really meant like the stuff that that put into at like natural gas from like the stove the chemical ow vaccine as melo that got so much but gas state it is yeah i use it alone i unless on apple around i guess yeah i as a kid i really like the smell of going to the petrol station and oh my cousin by at local walked in on him with his face covered in curious but he was very little us faced covered in kerosene drake apple let's not all eu easy then just building it out of him i think you have to burn as long like like a kerosene lamp in the life of a move and the good things like the circus and he keeps play mosquitoes as well it's true let's my citra nela cousin i'm sorry you're thicket of adel so sorry area hey we go quite a few coletta's before we get into stories because it we go what a few people right so we like it when people right in with corrections and clarifications just another update on the gold stuff for starters could we were asking what the value was of gold and simon is that something was this month and dell is one of us simon's between eu check this out while i re because another little piece of white gold those traditionally a value was first is very stable so it's something that's complete stable never changes useful does a currency roster anything or change its percent compassion of in now has value for things like various electronics but also the thousand years any fine metal tools like tweezers especially anything that interacted with human skin like jewelery or surgical schools was made of gold which automatically gives it value parent need the british history the british museum has a pharaoh's a royal knows pick.

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