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Reply. Deja vu on Capitol Hill. Lisa Brady Fox News, another hearing in Congress on the capital attack in January. We must keep at the forefront that January six Was the deadly culmination of weeks of increasingly desperate efforts by former President Trump. To prevent the peaceful transfer of power. House oversight Committee chair Carolyn Maloney says newly released emails Add to that showing President Trump and his allies pressured the Justice Department to investigate unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. Kentucky Congressman James Comer is the committee's ranking Republicans. Democrats. Making the former president, the CDC now lists a covid variant as one of concern in the U. S boxes. Gurnal Scott has this life Lisa. The Delta very in first diagnosed in India is believed by the CDC to be more transmittable person to person than other offshoots of Covid. It also tends to cause more severe cases once contracted, even with increased transmissibility. Fox News is being told the current vaccines do give people are reduced risk of getting it. However, one case was reported in Hawaii Monday of a person who traveled to Nevada being diagnosed with that Delta variant even after being vaccinated. Hawaii health officials called that incident very rare. Lisa Thanks Colonel. Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein can be extradited from New York to California to face more sexual assault charges. A judge in Buffalo today rejecting Hence arguments over medical care and paperwork issues. His lawyers plan to appeal. Weinstein is serving a 23 year sentence for attacks on two women. He has five accusers in the case. America is listening to Fox News, Mikey three. Wi PC Mobile News on the level on the go. Why that's not the outcome to worry about 81 degrees on Monument Circle, mostly clear and breezy tonight. Mostly sunny tomorrow. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending at 40 to the coronavirus shot, causing heart pain and swelling, doctors say the risk is remote and not getting the shot could lead to something much worse, Eric Berman explains. Cardiologist and community Health Network chief Medical Officer Ron Mileti says even if researchers confirmable between myocarditis and the vaccine It's about 200 cases out of more than 100. Million Americans were fully vaccinated. You're more likely to get struck by lightning multiple times. Then get my card. I guess the problem is if you get covid 19 even as a teenager More like to get complications from the Covid 19 1 of the potential complications of Covid is myocarditis. Coletti says he usually clears up on its own, He says other complications of covid are much more serious. Another 240 Hoosiers have tested positive for the virus 2.1% of the test being reported today. The seven day running averages fall into 2.7%, the lowest since the early days of the pandemic. The Hancock County 911 Center has created a text alert system to help drivers know of any traffic jams or crashes on I 70 Rob Con it reports. It's pretty easy to sign up, says Greg Duda, with Hancock County 911.

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