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The economy is good and it looks like the economy is going to be pretty good linate they know they cannot afford to allow hillary to be their nominee that's that's the deal she wants to but i don't think they'll letter no way special report stock market plunge bell at the new york stock exchange earlier this hour signalling the end or trading day that saw losses greater than last friday the dow jones industrial average closed down nearly twelve hundred points or four point six percent the smp shed four percent of its value it's worst trading day in six years the nasdaq dropped three and threequarters percent correspondent claire sebastian's at the big board we did have a bit of a roll when the market went down ever a thousand clients as been pretty nicely on the up until then some traders even telling us that the volatility is actually something they'd been looking for for a long time fueling today's big losses nothing in particular analysts say there is no big single piece of news that drove the markets some speculate the combination of human fear and computer trading did the trick back to one point the dow lost in gained more than six hundred points in less than five minutes i'm rich johnson it's forty one degrees at three thirty one i'm rebecca davis with the latest from news radio one or two point nine karn last week 94 flew deaths were reported and now that number is up to a hundred and twenty two deaths as of this morning and flu season still hasn't peaked health department director dr nathaniel smith says this will be the deadliest flu season arkansas has had in the past two decades that's according to fox sixteen and about a third of those a hundred and 22 dead got their flu shot and that's based on a response or about sixty percent of the families a group of our arkansans plan to file a federal lawsuit next week against a state senator after he blocked them on social media fox eksteen's donna trail reports they believe the actions of senator jason robert violated their first amendment right it's steven ferries social media feud with state senator jason raipur goes back to two thousand sixteen fairy claims that senator raper shouldn't be allowed to block him saying it's a civil rights violation called viewpoint discrimination.

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