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Okay. And I've been listening to your late last shell and number list shot Hannity on the. But. Story about a boy named Joshua that. Came to us. We it was two thousand three hours working on a riverboat eighteen years down the river. And by then girlfriend was pregnant. I thought our first child boy and her dad asked every game Illinois in in a tragic Truckee accident, and there was no closure. You know, when we when I got off the boat as they had already the bodies post along the truck body that these. Plus the family come up there. And I'd either just buy things at that. He added his wallet wedding rings and stuff like that. Well. Shortly thereafter. My son was born in September two thousand three. And then my father passed away in November. I started. We started seeing like urine thing. Nick was about four months old or and we started seeing here saying her mom started our mom live close to it. She was here in what she thought was her sister running up and down the hallway at night late at night season hollered at her in the end, I was I was hearing things, you know, walking in hallways and stuff like that. I was like, well, then one day we had dick my son in the laying in his trip, and I was about half asleep. And I hear. Mic over the baby marker, and I jump up and run into the room. And nobody's there. And I'm like I go by. Is that? She said, no, I was sleeping. I'm like. Okay. Well, several days later, he's laying on the bed. We're folding clothes baby martyrs. Go crazy. You just start doing the physical sound like a CB radio. And I finally just said, you know, what Dan he ain't in their ear while it stopped. And as long as you would take for someone to walk out of his bedroom and walk into art is started off by baby Arbeid water. The veterans. And I said there's something now. Some of those monitors are Hackel. We had a story on that about a year ago. Yeah. And they pick up truck traffic and stuff like that. I probably what it was. Then we started. We we moved a lot and. It was following around. And when we moved back over the Pocahontas Akron. My brother had trouble I want because my mom. We finally get visual, and it was a little blind boy in a little last that. Favored my son quite a bit. And I was catching quarter mind hallway did you ever try to hurt that your son? Well, yeah. Just needed a friend. Just we we saw. There was all we we put his toys up, and we'd get up and there'd be toys the hallway playing with some some of the ghosts. The stories of little children are really the most remarkable Julie we're gonna come back and take final phone calls with you in just a moment on coast to coast the daily show updates right to your inbox for free with the coast zone newsletter. Sign up today at coast to coast, AM dot com..

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