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Thanks Steve And minority leader Mitch McConnell and other leading Republicans we are learning are increasing their campaign to persuade Marilyn governor Larry Hogan to run for Senate Speaking with Margaret Brennan on CBS's face the nation Hogan says for right now he is keeping his focus on his work as governor What I said I've been saying all along It's not something I aspire to but I also have said that I care very much about the country and where we are and the divisive rhetoric that the divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington And so people are calling on my kind of more patriotic duty to say even if it's not the job that you want maybe we need you to run anyway And so that's where we are I've never expressed an interest in it and still haven't taken any steps in that direction He does have until February 22nd to file And its politics So whenever knows a trial date has now been set for a former top aide to Hogan Roy McGrath is accused of misconduct in office and illegally recording conversations He was chief of staff to Hogan for 11 weeks in 2020 The trial is supposed to happen June 7th McGrath resigned after the Baltimore sun reported He had negotiated an exit package worth more than $230,000 plus perks from a state environmental agency before joining Hogan's team Hogan says he never approved that exit package and coming up on a terrifying day for a group of Jewish congregants in Texas We'll have the latest on what many people are calling a miraculous end to that hostage situation It's 1233 This year the time is right to create happy memories and the home you love starting with sort of pro painters They're ready to beautify and protect the space you live in treating every wall to a colorful new cone of paint for you to enjoy.

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