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W t o p com Search free lunch. 9 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Jack Taylor is in the traffic center. A couple sore spots in the district. Right now, we'll start I to 95 headed north founders and leave Laboratory Road headed up toward Malcolm X in the 11th. I think you've gotta work soon, maybe along the left side, Watch out for possibly a broken down vehicles South on D. C to 95 reported near East Capitol Street. Last heard it was in the left lane. Now you're quiet across the freeway, Third Street Tunnel, New York Avenue. Everybody moving pretty well still have some closures around up. Capital in the Rayburn Building, You've got constitutionality is still closed between third Street, Northwest and second Northeast Independence Avenue is blocked between third Street Southwest and second Southeast that you will find our troubles in Maryland. The work causing delays out of Havana to 70 South bound before you get to 109 stay right to get by accident reported in Ellicott City. 40 eastbound After 29 In Silver spring, there was crash cleanup on 29 North Bennett. Stuart Layne. Now 50 at the Bay Bridge. Three or one of the nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Both bridges under wind warnings, but no vehicle restrictions. They're in good shape in Virginia Running 66 3 95 95 Beltway itself looks good G W Parkway is fine. 66 headed west. Leaving Haymarket out toward the plane's mobile work along the left side of the roadway, and we've had some manholes being changed out. I believe on business 17 down and found with down your Melchers drive. Just be aware of Kurth crews are down there follow their direction. If they're headed out there in resting got new traffic lights being put up Sunset Hills Road out in your Wheelie Avenue follow direction. They're traffics Brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, diode e veterans and their families are members are the mission. Learn more at Navy, federal dot or g'kar, Jack Taylor. W T o P Traffic Cold Morning and Here's Matt Ritter, CASS guys this morning becoming mostly sunny this afternoon. Blustery and cold highs only be in the upper 30 so low forties. Partly cloudy tonight blustery in very cold lows in the.

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