Nypd, Adrian Florido, Minneapolis discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


I'm straight in and something has to change and in New York City state assemblywoman Diana Richardson protesters with the group that was made by the police we want the NYPD began so what we look at where even speaking we're watching them aggressively look at what he's doing meanwhile murder charges were filed against one of the officers involved in Florence death NPR's Adrian Florido joins us now from Minneapolis where he was at the protest in that city Adrien thanks for being with us hi Scott and what did you see there last night amidst the chaos well I spent a couple of hours last night on a stretch of a couple of blocks in south Minneapolis for this incredible scene unfolded people broke into businesses and started looting someone set fire to a car in a parking lot which then exploded and engulfed at least a dozen other cars a gas station was set on fire people were cursing the police and chanting George Floyd's name you know just one of several places and in the country where it seems like this are starting to play out and of course Adrian the destruction that you describe happened within hours after officials announced that the officer had been seen in that video with his knee on George Floyd snack had been charged with murder protesters clearly wanted something more than yeah they were not at all satisfied most people I spoke with on the street here last night agreed that that charge is an important first step but they said that it's it's not enough listen to what David Jones one of the protesters I spoke with said we want all four.

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