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Weight. It's not haven't you. Have you also been over there kind of not just taking this music. But also collecting their music and doing senator silk road trip. Yeah i've done a number of on almost every trip i've done. I've tried to collaborate with somebody locally. No matter where i end up and and just ask somebody sound guy or whatever or you know really if you're doing a proper tour you're being handled by the cultural bureau the central Ministry of culture. And so i would call call ahead or ask someone in our party to call ahead and see if we could collaborate somebody really great in each town and plays some kind of folk music at that led to that has led to meeting the most incredible wonderful local musicians all over china. So i feel like. I have gotten to jam and play with wieger tibetans. Mongolians i people hun wonderful hon Folk music players from all over china and one really memorable experience that was of Being in a in a city and calling ahead and asking for someone to common this old man showed up backstage and he had an are who case in our who is a little too to stringed-instrument actually but the ball goes in between both of the strength. And it sounds. Snakeskin covered snakeskin cut joe really violent tiny tiny head and sits on your knee and you play it sounds like human voice almost sounds like a human voice to dying cat to others. It really depends i have. Can.

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