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Rick wolf sports edge. I'm your host Rick wolf. I want to ask a very basic question of you, all are coaches still allowed to yell and scream at their players. Well, we'll tackle this topic. A little later on in the hour. But I I I want to conclude with some more thoughts about operation varsity blues now, not surprisingly there was a tremendous outpouring feedback from last week's last show regarding the college emissions scandal. And if there was one common denominator that kept bubbling up over and over again, it was the concern about slided athletes, and how they were given special preference by elite colleges now from my understanding of college, admissions, slotted athletes are those student athletes who are chosen by the colleges head coach particular sport. And then the coach presents his or her list of slow. Athletes to the emissions committee. And in many cases, these are athletes who routinely do not have comparable grades or board scores as the other highly qualified applicants, but these slaughtered athletes do have that special or unique talent as an outstanding athlete. No theory goes, and there may be some hard evidence to prove this. Then if a colleges sports team teams, do well, then more and more proud alum will pony up and donate more money to the school..

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