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For other related charges. In south carolina a judge sentenced nathaniel rolling to life in prison for murdering and kidnapping university of south carolina. Students amount that joseph senate in march two thousand nineteen twenty one year old josephson got into the killers car after mistaking for an uber and was later found dead. In the woods democratic party donor and political activists ed buck has been found guilty on nine felonies including running a drug house and injecting who gave black men with methamphetamine who then died of an overdose twenty six year old. Hamill gentle moore died in two thousand seventeen and fifty five year old timothy. Dean died in two thousand nineteen. Buck was arrested. Two years ago after third man overdose tongue methamphetamine disappointment. That man survived black. Lgbtq plus activists and the family members of the men who died had for months when calling on prosecutors to file criminal charges against buck accusing him of being a sexual predator. Buck faces a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty years in prison with a maximum life. Sentence a new investigation by the associated. Press revealed number of ku klux klan members are working inside the florida department of corrections. The revelation came as part of an investigation into a failed k. k. k. plot in two thousand fifteen murder a black man. The murder was planned as revenge for fight. In which black person or warned williams bid a white guard. Thomas driver the fbi was able to stop the plot instead staging the murder. After an informant infiltrated the terror group tens of thousands of americans are believed to belong to extremists. White supremacist groups including the clan. The fbi said such groups represent the greatest domestic terror threat. Here in the united states a propublica study found that immigration prosecutors are continuing to deport people who are not considered a threat to public safety. Despite a biden administration policy instructing them to postpone or drop such cases. But the policy is carried out at the prosecutor's discretion making it difficult to challenge this comes as immigrant. Justice advocates are denouncing the by administration for the growing number of jail immigrants and asylum seekers. As of mid-july july over twenty seven thousand people are being held in ice jails advocates warn detentions have nearly doubled under biden the closely watched democratic congressional primary in ohio to fill the seat of marcia. Fudge is less than a week away. The race pits nina turner who served bernie sanders campaign co chair against shanto brown the chairwoman of the cuyahoga county democratic party on tuesday. The women's march through its support behind nina turner. Its first-ever electoral endorsement. It came one day. After warrenville. Heights council member walter stewart announced. He was switching his support from brown to turner need. Attorney is the one that's going to take us. And we had the vision the know how the experience and and she has the sincerety and heart to carry us forward over the weekend. Congress member alexandra. Cossio cortez campaigned in ohio for nina turner. Who also just picked up the endorsement of congress. Member jamie raskin. Shantelle brown has received the backing of hillary clinton and the congressional black caucus political action committee and in a special election in texas yesterday voters rejected a trump endorsed candidate and elected another republican state representative. Jake elsie to the us house. Elsie ran an anti immigration campaign and called himself a reagan republican he ran against susan. Wright the widow of the former congress member ron right who died this year from cova nineteen leaving open his seat and texas six congressional district and those are some of the headlines says democracy now democracy now dot org the warring piece report. I'm amy goodman new york joined by democracy now co host one solace in new brunswick new jersey high one by amy and welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world well the house of representatives select committee investigating the january six insurrection at the capitol hold. Its first hearing tuesday and her testimony from four police officers who attacked by trump supporters while defending the capital. The committee is made up of seven. Democrats and two republicans. Liz cheney and adam kin zinger both of whom voted to impeach trump first role in instigating the assault on the capital last week. House minority leader. Kevin mccarthy pulled all his recommended committee members five of them after house speaker. Nancy pelosi veto to his picks. Us capitol police. Sergeant aquino grenell spoke i during the election. He was beaten with a flagpole and attacked with chemical spray canals dominican emigrant who served in the us army in iraq. Well we were suggested. They was like something from medieval bottle. We fought hand-to-hand inch by inch to prevent an invasion of the capital by volume. Ma intent on subverting our democracy democratic process. My fellow officers. And i were committed to not letting any riders reach the capital. It was very prolonged and desperate struggle. The writers attempted to breach the capital. Were shouting traum. Send us pick the ri- sei we want trump. Ib really her officers screaming. Agony and pain just an arm lamp from me at that time. An officer hodges. He's here to testify to was being crushed by the rioters. Ikea few martin myself losing oxygen and recall thinking to myself. This is how i'm going to die. Defending dissensions us capitol. Police sergeant echinacea. Good now testifying tuesday before the house. Select committee investigating the january six direction at the capital during his testimony. Good no reference. Dc metropolitan police department officer. Daniel hodges who also testified at the hearing describing how trump supporters almost crushed to death on my left was a man with a clear red. She'll stolen during this salt. He slammed it against me and with all the way to the body's pushing behind him trapped me. My arms were pinned and effectively useless trapped against the shield after the door frame on my riding with my posture. Granting me no functional strength or freedom of movement. I was effectively defenceless and gradually sustaining injury from the increasing pressure of the mob directly in front of me a man sees the opportunity of my vulnerability. Grab the front of my gas mask and used it to beat my head against the door. He switched to pulling off my head. The straps stretching against my skull and straining my neck he never enter uttered any words recognized but opted instead for guttural screams. Remember foaming at the mouth. He also put his cellphone his mouth so they add both fans free salty. Eventually he succeeded in stripping away my gas mask at a new russia of exposure to spray. Hit me the mob of terrorists were coordinating their efforts now. Shouting heave ho as they synchronize pushing their weight forward crushingly further against the middle door frame. The man in front of me grabbed my baton that i still held in my hands and my current state. I was unable to retain my weapon bashed in the head and face with rupturing my lip and adding additional injury to moscow. That was dc metropolitan police department. Officer daniel hodges and this is mike von who is also an officer with the dc metropolitan. Police he suffered a heart attack after.

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