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Ball Calvi, see at the desert Ford dealers sports desk with a report on what's going on cardinals facilities speaking to this past weekend the holiday weekend. You know, a rookie is a grinder land. Yeah. That's what he does. They said he was up here, Saturday Memorial Day running routes. So that's next level. Andy Isabella, the rookie second round or out of UMass making us all look bad. This is the guy you stick the snow shovel out during the winter and start shoveling the field. So we could just start running routes now. He's doing on Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, I figured it'd be at the w. That money from the new contract. Steadies out there. We're okay. So there you go. There's the rookie receiver and as a cardinals continue week two of the OT as Marvin Lewis, the new advisor to Herm Edwards last year when hermit was hired here at the opportunity, come and visit with his coaches vengeance. The atmosphere is electric, you appreciate that sixteen years as the Bengals head coach, you know, you go way back with Edwards when you call them Herman not everyone can get away with that D-Backs Rockies at a man on third, right? Pickoff throat up to I get quite crowd. Run will score. Stupid. That's the winning run five four d-box of now. Lost three in a row. Eight out of eleven what happened to the team that scored thirty four runs in three games at sweep it San Francisco back that I think there'll be a clear message to these guys to make sure they're ready to go tomorrow by Lincoln bats and do it in San Francisco. That would be noon today. SPN six twenty. I'm trying to the sweep we got Stanley Cup game in overtime. Same Lewis wins game two three two. I career playoff goal for Carl gunnison sports spoke, KTAR news. Hey, it's MAC Watson for my good friends at renters warehouse, you know, I've been talking about renters warehouse for a number.

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