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Was my experiences. Well river running david women. Yeah and then the other. I wanted just now give a shout out to john newsome because this is the panetta part so bat was chasing the obamas got close could not get. It got like a fundraiser funder. Who'd seen it. You know it was like this game of tag now could not. So then jon newsome calls me. She's at the white entity new. Like on this mannequin quest. And she calls me. She's at the white house. Correspondents dinner that used to so she's there and she's like any. I'm at a table with panetta. What do i do. And i'm like oh my god john you tell him yes to watch movie who executive produced okay. Will you do that. And she's like dude it's on and so she asked him. She went up to him and said i did this movie. Would you mind watching it. And can you get it to me. I'll watch it on air force one. And that's how that happened. So oh god for it was like this old girl. Slow network thing like crazy and yeah not just that they watched it. It's that panetta then enacted a bunch actual. I believe meaningful changes right. Yeah and i got a credit. Kirby i can i tell them i mean. Are you all board. I have to tell a story about okay. So this is where now. Okay it kirby's genius so when we were making that film we do we not only like get our subject stellar stories with them like like the secret sauce of what we do is we. We tell you a story like and you're really absorbed and we have these great characters but then we feed you all this information right then you like. You don't even know like a magic trick and you come out like you're smarter you're enlightened but you're also moved you give a damn you know so it's like so when we're doing that analysis of this issue. We kept asking experts. What's the answer. What's the fix and they're all like law. And kirby's like i think the only fixes to take adjudication outside the chain of command because then there can't be a conflict of interest if your commander rapes you. But there's a outside body completely independent much better chance of someone caring giving a damn than if it's within the hen house or the fox house or whatever it is and so every time we said that i was in those meetings with top analysts and former pentagon people and i we had a navy seal that meta through a friend like oh no never will happen. No no no. You can't put that in your movie not never do that. That's impossible. you don't understand unitary cohesion. You have to. The commander has to be all powerful all knowing yet at and curb is like you know at the you know we gotta do this. We got to put this in our film that bats what it is and cut to dome comes out two days later. It's common wisdom. We gotta take it up the chain of command. I swear to god so that's also instructive anyone. Making movies like don't be cowed by common wisdom. Like if you have if you see a through line suggested because the impossible becomes the obvious and You know it's our consciousness can shift. So kirby can you connect the dots between how the invisible war leads I believe quite directly to the hunting ground. A yes I mean we started to show the film on college campuses you know almost immediately and And then we started over the ness. I don't know six nine months. Maybe we started getting emails. Actual letters calls bat. This was happening on college. Campuses to and And we were actually like at that. We were like we don't want to make another film about sexual assault. you know. we don't we don't wanna get categorized strive young. We want to move somewhere else and And but it just kept we just getting this and so then we said okay. We have to look into it. And i mean i at the time i remember thinking it can't be as bad as in the military and then having i remember once having a really you know with an activist on one of the campuses having railing in-depth conversation. And you know it was it was and so Advantage point We we're working on something else but we decided we really have to make. This is sort of a repeat of what was going on in the military. This is another huge institution and in some ways could even be more influential. Because you're dealing with people who you know obviously going to be leaders and parents oftentimes are very powerful and it could. It can help change the culture nights so yeah so that's That's how we have been and we did that as well. And one of the things. I learned because we made a number of films and sexual assault is actually going back into the same subject. I think i knew. I thought i knew sexual assault. It wasn't entirely deeper education. That i got when i made hunting brown. And it's the same thing happened again when we date on the record and and even allenby pharaoh every time you go deeper because you're dealing with the different subject matter but you're actually you. You're starting from a place of knowledge all ready and so it's it's been a very rich experience to you. Know really pursue something over decades and also does to films bear witness to the power of testimony because it was students watching visible war. That said oh i maybe i can speak to. It's amazing like at any time we sat down with. I asked two hundred number. You're talking to us and there was a war. That was incredible to me that was so instructive. It wasn't like a small-scale thing we're talking about hundreds of students at dozens of schools where not necessarily granted easy access right. You guys have to you kind of depended on the students to to diy in their own way right now absolutely and i think what was was interesting as we shooting right beginning shoot right at the beginning of the student movement and i just want to add to what amy said is that they saw you know i think they saw invisible war in that became like a model. Like you know this already become you know there have been multiple congressional hearings around and everything and they saw that this that people were listening in another area and they could be. They had You know you know they thought perhaps we can change our up into that point. I think it was very hard for people to imagine that kinda change. I think that's why you saw the student movement takeoff so aggressively. I mean it was kind of shocking. Really that people were just right up against the school is still was slapping down and they were coming back. We'd be was very personal. They were really trying to damage. The school's reputation discussed the attempt to the school to protect their reputation. And i think they were energized by by the invisible war and empowered you know and they also more to curb his brilliance. Is that you know it's not just these anti what we also do is we. Don't just tell you these stories. We we have show you that there's a problem. A personal assault is actually part of a cultural complicit cultural context that allows it to occur with this kind of frequency Unity and no one had done that analysis before. And i think what the. That's what i think. Kirby was saying that they not only empower them to tell their stories and be like oh but they could recognize what was happening and recognize that it was happening. Not just to them but to others and recognize that it was the the cancer was embedded in a whole institutional system and it wasn't just a rare unique one off and i think that you know that was really empowering and shifted provoked a consciousness shift. People had done it. People had made that analysis. They just hadn't been done in documentary form quite that way. I think that. I mean the thing about documentaries. You're able to convey this. Incredibly powerful emotional experience in the subjects at the same time is amy was saying create an analysis in an overview. And that that sort of that sort of merges together you know gets welded together in.

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