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But i was suffering for what i called the in a black box of anxiety i didn't know like couldn't explain it to myself in a couldn't explained to other people and it had actually asked one of my clients a overweight rock clean obese five with three three hundred ten pounds 53 old boyer at one time i'd ask him to take me to the emergency room and i looked like i was in great shape and so that's why called the black box because i couldn't explain it to him easily thought headtoheads when i asked him to take me to the emergency room msa couldn't explain it to myself until i guide told by the doctors that everything was okay with me and so i'm sure that people listening suffering from anxiety no it this feels like an i'm sure that we can also relate to the people around us who are going through see struggles that they are undergoing a living in a black box where they can explain it to you you can understand them on day can explain it to themselves in an everybody is just in the dark and that is so frustrating because there's no communication there's though expectations and we really are just confused because it's all a mystery amassed one of the hardest things for us to deal with is that mysterious element around thanks just like when someone is hiding something from us it really is difficult when we know that they're hiding something when we have that sense that they're hiding something to become so frustrating you're when you're waiting for results from a test whether it's your drivers exam or a health test in a causes a lot of anxiety south what i did was i did a deep dive into trying to figure out everything that i possibly could in order to overcome my anxiety nashville lunar interrupted america's.

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