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Now, if you've never really looked into Watergate, if you don't really know who Richard Nixon is, if you thought for instance, that Nixon was really a great guy, and he was just misunderstood if you thought the Nixon was really buying large phenomenal president, but he was just sort of a, you know, a misunderstood guy. Oh my God, this is yes. I know the one you're talking about this is where Nixon? I'll take it from here film. This is gonna do it. Excuse me. Oh my God. Do Do you you see see that. what's going up? Phil? Do you moved in front of me and scared me? Did things I'm not used to. Okay. Go say what you wanna say, Margaret? Just don't say you'll take it from here. Oh, okay. I'm not taking over the show. I'm saying, Phyllis, right? You do need to see this because the language in and of itself I will say this if you're young, if you are highly impressionable, if you're sensitive the language, which I would never dare us here, but the language on these tapes he's well. For instance, I'll don't worry, Phil, Margaret, you whispering. It is not going to use me. He says, thanks. He says, he's also the word if you don't want to, if you're afraid to sing it, but, but yet you're whispering it whatever that means, it means the woman is saying it, but she's not saying the woman Margaret. If you don't want me or anyone else to use that language on the air whispering at or mumbling, it doesn't make it any better. I felt Nixon said there was so and so had a lot of little. I don't want to say too much of a lady tixx. Oh my God, he's Christ Phil. Well, that's the word. She's trying to say what he said. The word Kaik and he said it multiple times and it's a, it's a sweater on Jewish people. I never my husband's Jewish Phil. I would never use that word call. No. What you do is you go. I'm trying to be respectful. Well, let's not respectful in my opinion. That's just it's exploitive. You're trying to you're trying to titillate. Well, Well, how how do do you you titillate. titillate. What a word kite think everyone out there is getting hot when the year that word I was trying to make a point by being a bit, if you will being subtle all if you will. No, I won't will. No, you won't will. No, I won't. If you will, I won't will. I know I fell if you weren't, if she says, if you will, you won't. You're right. I won't. What will. This. Fill is losing it. I'm going to get up and go get some cottage cheese. And yes, you're right. Take care of something I should have taken care of at home. You're right. Go on. Excuse me. Goodbye. We'll stay here Margaret. Do you have to get up. Oh, you're saying Brits are Dixon said, what about Jewish people on this tape? Nixon on Nixon? They had a lot of the tapes that have not been up to this point hadn't been declassified and now they have them declassified. And here was Richard Nixon talking to Haldeman Richard Nixon, talk and the Kissinger. Richard Nixon talking to his daughter. He wasn't using this language with his daughter. Tricia or the other Julie, but it very interesting her her daughter referred him as daddy, which is, I guess, you know, but this is a grown woman who's married daddy. She says, daddy, let's go to dinner at trader Vic's tonight. And he says, well, if mommy wants to do that, I mean, I'm telling you. Nothing oddball about it. I recognize some families still maintain that kind of communication with each other well into adult years. But when you put that together with Nixon on tape, talking about the wetbacks he's using the terms wetback. He uses the term Kaik. He uses the terms of these these blacks. I don't think I heard on the tapes that we're we're. We were listening to last night. I don't think I heard the n. word about Richard Nixon there, but people. Well, well, Richard Nixon has no question, although he was commander in chief, there's no question. Richard Nixon had a filthy mouth on him. It doesn't prove he's racist all you're done about a tight. Yeah, but he's the commander, Keith, so so he gets to say that, no, he doesn't tick menu. Befuddled imbecile. It doesn't mean that at all..

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