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I think anybody with with eyes nose that Jared Golf isn't a quarterback that he's being paid to be. But can he be the quarterback that is good enough to take a very talented Rams team? And get back to where they want to be. And you mentioned it that they have been a Super Bowl team. They were in the Super Bowl. Now they were brutal offensively in the Super Bowl, but, um Can he be good enough to get back there? And so this is from at this is from after the game last night, it's it's Q and a with the with the reporter and Sean McDaid. Listen, I thought he improved on last week. You know, I think you really saw a guy that stepped in and he did what he could. I thought he made some plays. Thought he saw the field well, like I was mentioning, but No, we, uh you know, he did a good job today. He's your quarter is your quarterback. He's the quarterback, right? So it faded off a little bit right there, But it said Yeah, he's the quarterback right now. Which was weird because he didn't seem like he was building up to him, saying that It was a great follow up and the follow up tells you all that. You need to know if you're a head coach, and you're getting quarter and you're getting questions about your quarterback being the quarterback going forward. You could sit there and you can pretend that it's not an issue, but it's an issue. The minute that the that the media Starts questioning and fans start questioning and everybody else starts questioning the minute that it becomes a regular topic on this, Stephen A. Smith's shows and Skip and Shannon. And everything else. The minute it starts becoming a debate about Jared Golf, you know that It's boiling to that point. But when the media starts asking The coach after the game, and he answered it that he's the quarterback right now. Yeah, listen, not not the smartest way to answer the question. I'll just be. I'll just be totally honest with what I think As a coach, you need to be able to lie. And by leaving that door open and even saying that even if it wasn't your intention to say it like that, or to mean it like that, that's what everybody is going to take from. It is that says he's the quarterback right now. Here's the bottom line. Jared Goff is the quarterback that he's being paid to be the starting quarterback of the Ramseys being overpaid to be the starting quarterback of the Rams, right? So you could say, Well, they'll try to trade him in the off season. Yeah, good luck. Have you seen with that contract Looks like I mean, they could get out from the contract and take a big cap it and then move on. But the problem is no team in their right mind is going to take on a contract that Z, making 30 quarterbacks making $35 million a year. Being up and down, Quarterback up and down, up and down. Sometimes you watch a game. You're like. All right, Listen, cops really good, but too many times you watch the game and say Gates just not special. I mean, that's that's what I think That's what I think. When I watch Rams games. It's like, all right. Yeah, like he could throw the ball is a good natural passer. But does he have the intangibles that you're looking for? Out of out of some of the great quarterbacks in the league, and he doesn't So Sean McVeigh now is a problem on his hands because he's got the media asking if he's the guy going forward, and you have the coach answering Shaun McFly answering. He's the guy right now. When you say he's the guy right now, you know what What? Everybody's going to take from that right now. Right now. He's the guy right now until we can find something different. Until we can figure something else out. I wonder. I honestly wonder this. I wonder if they had other options yesterday if they would have even started Jared Goff and use it kind of has an excuse. To, um It always injured. He still banged up with the thumb. We could put Woolford in there right, but he's out with a concussion in the neck injury. So I wonder if they had a healthy quarterback that they felt like Was You know, like an NFL type quarterback, and I know Wolf Fur doesn't have a lot of Ah, lot of experience in the NFL Was this 1st 1st role playing time that he played before he went down with the injury. Um I wonder what they would have done. But if you were a ram fan, or you're just a follower of the NFL, it just keep keep a close eye on this, And the real problem is that I don't know how you get out from under this contract. I did some I did some research here before coming on just to see how how bad that contract was. And it's not just about what the contract is. It's how much guaranteed money you're on the hook for going forward right. It's not necessarily well. His average annual value contract is $35 million a year. It's about what the new team would have to pick up what it would be. And you're looking at significant money. You're looking at roster bonuses and guaranteed bonuses in in the next year, and to where a team would not only have to give something up. I guess, but also would be on the hook for a quarterback that I just don't think anybody thinks it's all that good, right? I mean, if I'm a team that's looking for a quarterback. I'm not looking at JAG off and saying, Like, all right, I could work with that guy. He's pretty good. He's been good before. Let me go ahead and trade form and take on this contract and it enough. If he was a free agent, if he was a guy that had a more palatable contract, Okay, I could see a team taking taking a shot at him for sure. But it's more about his play and the amount of money he's making. So like a Ryan Fitzpatrick and I'm not saying Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good court as a great quarterback it on an option that I would want if I need if I was a quarterback that needed a team that needed a quarterback, I'm not saying that at all. Here's what I'm saying. I'd rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick for for a playoff game than Jared Goff right now. Jared Goff just seems like he's there. Really good arm is it is a good rhythm thrower. Um Not like he doesn't have great weapons when we talk about that, with Lamar Jackson. I like Lamar Jackson's running backs. Mark Andrews is an excellent tight end Hollywood Brown's I guess his most dynamic receiver, but you look at Robert Woods and you look it at Cam makers is it is a is a star. In this league. Developing a running back. That was a mid round pick cam makers is I mean, Because it's really good. He is so you have a lot of pieces on that offense. You have a lot of pieces. On that offense that A lot of other teams don't have and the defense is excellent. That was the strength of their team. Um so Really? You can't look at it and say, Well, you know, God doesn't have enough help. He's got a couple of good running backs. He's got Cooper Cup and Robert Woods. He's got at least a decent tight end in Tyler Higbee. He's got some some other weapons that they have. Had wide receiver. He's got an innovative coach saw McVeigh is an excellent coach. He can scheme guys open. The problem is Jared Golf. Right? That's the problem is Jared job, so I don't I don't know what you do. I don't know if you drop somebody and you try toe, try to have a quarterback competition and you have them there in case golf. Struggles. The problem is, there's too much talent on the team and golf. Isn't that bad? If God was that bad it be easy to put somebody else in, But he's not that bad. He's still throws for a lot of yards. He's not a terrible quarterback..

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