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A former major league baseball all star pitcher will spend the next three years in prison for possession of forty four pounds of cocaine. Esteban. Elisa was sworn by news cameras today after he appeared in court and apologized to his family and his friends news as Barbara Lee Edwards has more an apology and corker knocking former all star pitcher Esteban Loaiza out of. Let me was very respectful, very remorseful. Very sorry. The judge sentenced him to three years in federal lockup after he pleaded guilty to possession of forty four pounds of cocaine with intent to sell his defense. Attorney says it could have been a lot worse after he was given the sentence. He actually had to stay in the court for a couple of minutes to gather his. Composure. I think he was relieved he was looking at up to ten years in this case a wiser will report to prison next month. The search continues for the driver who crashed his Ferrari in Rancho Santa Fe last night. And then took off it happened. Just after ten when deputies arrived they found the car underneath a power pole took emergency crews about an hour to access the car. And when they did they did not find anyone inside women's clothing retailer, Charlotte russe will close all of its remaining stores just a month after filing for bankruptcy. The company was founded in San Diego. There are eight locations around the county at one point Charlotte, russe operated, more than five hundred stores and employed nearly nine thousand people nationwide. Now for more business news. Here's Bill Holland. Stocks closed mixed after recovering from early weakness down two percent or so on the week the first down week of the year China week is triggered by the Trump tariffs. Purchase a trade deal. And the weakness spreads worldwide unemployment down two tenths of three point eight percent twenty thousand jobs, but one hundred and fifty eight million record Americans are working government and retail week housing starts up eighteen percent cost for five percent after a blowout. Quarter to Holland damn seven sixty. I.

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