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But the garrick theater in detroit had already sold fifteen thousand dollars worth of tickets for that evening show. Houdini reportedly said. I'll do this. Show if it's my last by the beginning of the third act. He called off the show. Houdini still refuse to go to the hospital. His wife forced him. Because of course naturally surgeons removed harry. Houdini appendix on the afternoon of october twenty fifth. But because he had delayed treatment for so long his appendix had ruptured and the lining of his stomach was inflamed with peritonitis peritonitis was inflamed. With parents tonight is. What is that. Sharon close enough inflammation of the peritoneum parents. Neom sharon doesn't know anything that's something else it. Basically it's like a a wall of tissue lining that covers all of the abdominal cavity egg covers like basically all the organs and stuff that are in there. Okay organs and stuff you know those organs and stuff and junk in your body cool thank you so needless to say by this point infection had spread throughout. Houdini he's body today. Such a malady simply requires around antibiotics. But this was nineteen twenty six. Antibiotics wouldn't be discovered for another three years. You can edit that out. Maybe who amy's bowels became paralyzed and surgery was needed. Houdini received two operations and he was injected with an experimental anti streptococcal serum he seemed to recover somewhat but he quickly relapsed overcome by saps at one twenty six. Pm on halloween. Houdini died in his wife. Bess his arms. His last words were supposedly. I'm getting tired. And i can't fight anymore. Surrounding harry houdini. Death was a wild subplot involving spirits. Seances and it goes name walter. Houdini perform tricks onstage but he never played them off as magic. What unquote they were simply illusions. Like job says on arrested development tricks are just something horse do for money. Sorry wow-wow yeah. He made his own equipment to suit the specific needs of his tricks and perform them with the necessary pizzazz and physical strength to wow an audience. They were feats of engineering masquerading as entertainment. And that's why he had a bone to pick with spiritualism so religion which was based on the belief that it's possible to communicate with the dead and so in his several years on earth he made it his mission to expose the mass movement for what it was according to him a sham and one of his most famous anti spiritualism escapades who attended to seances with boston medium mina crandon known to her followers as marjorie. Who claimed to be able to conquer the voice of her dead brother walter. Crandon was up for twenty five hundred dollar prize if she could prove her powers to a six person committee of respected scientists from harvard. Mit and elsewhere and just fyi. I twenty five hundred back. Then is the equivalent to almost forty k. Today it's a lot of money. It is my intent on keeping her from winning the prize money. Houdini attended crandon seances in the summer of nineteen twenty four and was able to deduce how she performed her tricks. Mix of distractions and contraptions. It turns out. He recorded his findings in a pamphlet complete with drawings of how he believed her tricks worked and even perform them for his own audiences too much laughter haha. Crandon supporters would have none of it and in august nineteen ninety-six. Walter proclaimed that. Houdini will be gone by halloween. This fuel a conspiracy theory that spiritualists were to blame for the illusionist. Surmise that harry. Houdini had actually been poisoned. And that whitehead was in on it..

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