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You know could Edison Dr Town. There was a dog. That's impressive here. Viggo if you did you whisper of speakers spoke. I'll speak very becker. Is Wally back. Can you hear that. What was the saying? BEKKER's will Bali. Gupta was no need for that. I apologize it's an evil telephone old next. Thank Yeah I was GonNa say I was going to sweat focus no actually own it. I own it right. This is good. Losing people killing. No we need to get to it's shackled lady Chapel. I don't think there's ever going to be a point. I mean because it's such a popular place. I don't think actually this part is going to be overly really scary and all trees. Because I just don't think it is because there's lots of people now. This looks the business that says they don't look at this stuff. This is gates to step down here. You go down there beyond now. There's no one down Constitution Lords Iron Gate Stanton to seller of the Cathedral. Now freaking out because there's no one to be with definite meant to be here to try try that one you are trying to as looks go. Fire escape the Vilem Theta Cisco placement because knowing. Yeah if there's any ghosts please do something so we know you're here do something. Please make a sound to you don't you. You know if you one more chance now. lifelock them now. The uplink backup. We go security guards pastor. I think he was going to report to people down. Awesome steps trying to speak to that. What do you know what Anglicans like with belief in ghosts and God knows we just customer of the cloth furniture know whether to say excuse me this place because he made the scope? How'd you bloody hedonist but to be eerie? There's a window that looks out over to the graveyard where we're going to go and you can't see it's pitch black. Did you bring this phone. Yeah stop showing the actual although it's as beautiful as you think and you'll ever see and it really is. It's magnificent actually. Don't think the spooky looking for it's toasty. Who told us the isn't it and they're not going to give us the run at the cathedral even total like carved in marble? Yes I think we may sadly cut short visits to the actual Cathedral. F Course Office. I the feeling we'd be in like the belts Howard and go but I'm an optimist.

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