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He has been in our community I don't deserve to lose my employment over this people deserve a second chance my words are hurtful just on many other understood what I meant the two who voted no who wanted the chief fired there was a shootout in west Bloomfield overnight one man had been shot and killed two others wounded at a home on chase court in west Bloomfield township police say neighbors called nine one one saying shots were fired outside his house near fourteen mile in homestead the homeowner then called saying he'd been shot and then he fired at someone and the third call said that the shooter had fled in a car police say one person was found shot and killed at the house the homeowner had been shot and police had stopped the suspect vehicle and arrested the man who had been shot and all three people shot one dead police are still sorting through what exactly happened the popular racing event a roadkill nights has been canceled another victim over fears of the corona virus the legal drag racing event served as a launch pad for the Woodward dream cruise following the weekend the attraction pulled in about forty seven thousand fans to a closed off section of Woodward Avenue in Pontiac it's been rescheduled for next year the Woodward dream cruise has also been canceled the car lovers are already planning in their lawn chairs watching what does go by community events have been called off but the dream cruises still the third Saturday in August the head of General Motors tells the annual stockholders meeting that GM will be the most inclusive company in the world Mary Barra says GM will be at the forefront of racial justice Berra says her comments that we cannot wait to bring in about change have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response hundreds of people responded.

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