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About the full race and what you guys are going through with the struggle with with everything. We just We just weren't good and everybody are mobile and Ford just kept battling to make it better and gave ourself a shot there at the end. I tried to drive into the door of the 18 to get that last point to make it and spun him out. I I don't usually drive like that. But you know you're trying to make it to the championship for and doing everything you can and Uh, yeah, I just came up short, Just not the night we needed. That's unfortunate for Kevin Harvick. He is not going to run for the championship. Winston Kelly, another one that AA is only out got to be disappointed. Martin Truex Jr. It was a roller coaster day, a strong car front got back up front. Take us through your day. And what happened there to you? Yeah, just you know, typical Martin's ill. We We battled with the car all day long and just kept making adjustments. Wait for it to cool off and get dark and You know that last run there before the last run. Before the final pit stop, man, The thing was on rails is perfect and we're driving away and I felt really good about it. And then you know, we pitted and you had had a pretty good pitstop canal got the lead and right away. I knew something was wrong. I was really, really tight. And had a vibration. And so you know, non car passes and we started dropping and had to pit loose wheel so unfortunate, You know, I think I think we should be the one in victory Lane right now, But you know, you got to do it also just a little mistake there and what it could've should've march 16. You're still.

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