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I mean, you have to understand. I've spoken with nearly 50 Upper West Siders and these conversations. Are longer than an hour each one. I picked up the phone responded to these, You know, very lin, emails and messages and spoken to people. And by the end of the call more often than not, they're saying to me. Ah, now I understand what's going on. I don't like it. I don't like that. These people are here. But I understand now. What you're doing what you're doing to address the quality of life issues and uncomfortable with that. Well, I mentioned that we're inviting phone calls from people who live in the neighborhood, either in the Lucerne or neighbors of the loosen and let's take a call that we're getting from a resident of the hotel and I believe this caller is calling an ass. The homeless hero, homeless hero. You're on. W m. I say thank you so much for calling in How's everything? I'm I'm at the looser and I'm in my room right now. And I'm ready to speak on on some of these things that you would discussion will like you all. Have a beer? Sure. Well, one I wanted to say that I think One of the problems was that we were moved here quickly, and I don't think that to the community was informed in enough time to include in the local leaders to be able to provide the search services or the support That that that exist in the community already to sort of, like combat any of the potential problems that end up coming to the loot to the Upper West Side arm. Some of those same issues I started to see at the previous hotel we were at. So when I knew that we were coming to this community, which I've lived in previously for three years. I knew that there would be some type of problem. So as far as the quality of life issues. I think one of the things that needed to be done and has been done since is that there had to be a filtering process with some people who, because of their substance use issues and mental health issues might Need a higher level of care. So there is a lot of like, you know, Every residents gets a cycle socials, and they have some type of documentation of the history in terms of whatever their struggles are issues on everyone's value. I mean, varies so this type of community of course, this is a health matter. This is a situation that happened as a result of Cove it, you know, so things are happening on the fly. So you could expect some of states But I think that that was gonna cause the little problems for the first two weeks and I know Most of the residents that come from, you know, project renewal shelters. So I know those that have some some some issues that might need a high level K and no gold who were stuck in the medium and not understand where to go what to do with stuff like that, And they were exhibiting date behavior that they normally would because certain services were not in place to begin with. So what I did was I definitely made my voice known in order to try and bring about some type of services that would help and the same thing was being was happening a spark from the from from community supporters and also from the local leaders as well as the bubble president's office. So What we did was we end up bring it in our project. We know Recovery center, which is the outpatient group that is situated at third Street instead of them being banned us having to go there. They came here and opened up their services for everybody that is in the whoever would like to attend. You don't have to be a member of the outpatient group. But they were providing services here while they're still doing it at the in the penthouse understand the hotel, which Has been very, very so let me let me ask you a bigger picture question. How do you feel that since we're talking about a population as I understand it that has more than the usual concentration. For people in homeless shelters of any kind of Guys with substance abuse or mental health problems in their president in their past, How do you feel the city services are in general, which would be in everybody's interest. To sort of get right both in the interest of those people who are receiving the services and in the interest of whatever neighbors of people receiving those services who don't want, you know. The worst behaviors that are sometimes associated with those conditions. How is the city doing in your opinion? Well, the city itself has made a tremendous mistake as it was so many different things that are going on with this administration's rendering of services to me. I believe that a lot has to be reformed, especially in the area of homelessness and dealing with our population that feels with substance use disorder and Mental health issues. This has been going on for many, many years, and it's only increasing as time called goes by, and unfortunately in the era of cold it, it makes it even worse. We have to do more to address Substance use issues that many people have especially residing and shelters When you when you're in a situation that we are not ableto have the type of housing That would support us during our struggles, so, and shelters are not for the most part, not able to support us in those situations, so no matter what neighborhood we were in whether in hotels or in shelters, we still need supportive services, and that's probably one of the biggest things. Just a light identified. You accurately. You are currently a resident of Lucerne. And you also work or your client with Project renewal, which you named? Okay, I'm I'm the homeless hero. And I am a resident of the Lucerne under project renewal. And I'm also a client of projects we know will recover we sent in the outpatient group..

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