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Freddie and Fitz Simmons next This is Spain and we were making our divisional picks, I told you I said, I don't think the NFC North is gonna be great. And I think you have the Vikings winning the division. Is that right? I did, You know, second year in a row, I've fallen victim to this ignorant pig. But you are not alone and getting lured in by If I die, I die. Kirk Cousins or some people are calling him today, Kurt because he doesn't deserve for you. No. His name's strain and fits three days at 7 P.m. eastern on ESPN radio, and wherever you screamed, your audio is not disabled. He's a different cable. The fact that he was going to be on the same track. Able bodied athlete Paralympian, known as the Blade Runner, has been arrested for killing his girlfriend. Wasn't a who done it. It was. Why don't you kiss is the O. J. Simpson of South Africa keeps saying I didn't mean to do it. Why would a man kill a woman that he loves? The life in trials of Oscar Pistorius, now street exclusively on ESPN. Plus got join US Tuesday. Greg Cody's It is Our Guest co host Ron McGill will join us to talk animals. I'll have my weekend observations and there's a snake living in my toilet. I'll tell you about it. That's Tuesday on the Dan Lebatard show with means to God's on ESPN radio. Cat. Daddy is up next. Where crying Daddy, let me ask you a silly question. It's Cat daddy like that. Where do you get a name like that? It's like a porn star Name or what? No, I was always looking with the leaders of the young lamb got mad..

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