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That's Charley Steiner on Dodgers radio for two is the final over Milwaukee. Ella's first two runs last night came on bases loaded walks. The Yankees and Indians had a three hour head start on that game, but I believe they finished after the doctors and the Brewers. New York, winning a thriller 10 9 for a two game sweep in four hours and 50 minutes the longest nine inning game ever And that doesn't account for 76 minutes of rain delays. The Yankees were down for nothing blew two leads, then scored twice in the ninth for the wind. Now they faced the raise in the starting Monday in San Diego, Tampa Bay 18 of their 10 meetings this summer. All four NL serious continued today, starting with the brave and the red to the top of the hour. The A's and White Sox play their third and final game at noon. Pacific The College football playoff is pushing back its first rankings reveal one week to November, 24th. Iraq says the XFL returns to the field in 2022, Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin have winds on day five of the French Open losses for Sloane Stephens, Second seeded Karolina Pliskova and men's number nine Dennis Shop of all of and I'm Not sure you've broken this down yet, Bill, but it was a Twitter request FC Barcelona His son, American defender Sergio Desks to a five year deal. Very excited bearings that he won't play today, but Barcelona does have a match and I will be Screaming my lungs out in about four hours. Very, very excited. And I'm glad that we found a new song. A new jingle for bogus It was beautiful is magical. You want to follow him on Twitter like I do at Andrew Bogosian. If you want to follow the crooner himself, who brought in that update Producer underscore Tom or his hidden handle at I'll sing for you for money, which is, you know, just a little side hustle. We got a lot of stuff to cap off on before we sign off. Aaron Rodgers any bad blood remaining with the Packers organization. What does a Mike Zimmer head coach sound like when the sky is falling and some MLB playoff prediction for today's games? All that in a few things more.

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