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I tease the NFL's all time highest average yards per pass attempt. Number one on the list. There's a name from the past. I'm going Take a shot is an older guy. If it's from the past years and well, I like older, older guy. Yeah, they're Lamonica from the no raider who Auto gram. Oh, yeah, really old old. Second on the list. Patrick Mahomes. Third on the list. Sid Luckman, another old old quarterback. Fourth on the list. Another old old quarterback, Norm Van Brocklin. Fifth on the list is dish on Watson. Which I found surprising. Mahomes second. This is a minimum of £1000 attempts all time highest average yards per pass attempt. Shawn Watson, his fifth on that list. I'll have my Super Bowl prediction coming up on Thursdays. We get ready for the start of the NFL season. 11 poll question. Okay, I'm gonna give you three groups of quarterbacks and you tell me which group is most likely to win the Super Bowl without revealing your pick. I'll give you the old guy's Tom Brady, Drew Brees and better office Burger, the young guys. The home's Lamar Jackson and Shawn Watson or the medium guys, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. And is there anyone? I'm leaving out of the medium guy's list? Feels like they're the two. They're not older, die young. But they're Super Bowl possibilities. Dak Prescott. I? Well, there are a lot of young guys went in Prescott. I didn't know if they belonged. Carson Wentz in Dak Prescott today and the young guys, are they the medium guys? I would say Dak is medium. What about Kirk Cousins? That's a good team. You know? Why is he in that elite? I've no got the names here. It's Mahomes, Jackson Watson. But I have to look at the team as well. So I can't I can't take out a quarterback from a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl. True, and Dallas has a chance to win the Super Bowl. I mean, they all have a chance. But who better than average chance Minnesota has a chance? What about that group with the old Corps back through the box states and Steelers? Are they in the Super Bowl picture? If everything goes well for Pittsburgh, and that's saying a lot. They could win that division over Baltimore. My opinion if everything goes well, but it never does. Um Saints and Buccaneers. I feel like Everything has to go well for Tom Brady. And everything's got to go well for Drew Bree. I mean at that age, it's It's the degree of difficulty is already tough and pretty high. And braiding. He's got weapons there and they were better at the end of the year. The Saints. I'm just I'm just not sure. Camaro and got to get that contract situation figured out. Yeah. You know, the clock is ticking on these guys. And they added, even more prey is this breeze is last year. Is it going to take the TV job at NBC, so that pressure Did you see where Taysom Hill is now the number two quarterback on the depth chart in New Orleans over Jamis Winston I don't get it, I think were fascinated by potential and I think we look at Jamie's Winston is damaged goods. He's still very talented. He just doesn't make smart decisions sometimes. And can you learn that? Can he learn to be smarter with the ball, not force it in there. This isn't Florida State. You got to think your way down the field. And I didn't think he did. Certainly with Tampa Bay. But if you said Drew Brees is not going to play weak, too, is Taysom Hill going to be your quarterback? I would say no. I would think I would think James Winston would still be your quarterback Taysom Hill, who is the back of quarterback, and I think he's also on the kick return team as well. I don't know how many times you got a quarterback would be the backup quarterback, but also he would be on the kick return team, but Taysom Hill is a and look. There were times when I guess you could say in that game against Minnesota. I was the best player on the field, but I don't know if he's a every down every week, Quarterback I mean, I love to see it, but I I just don't think he is a club. But remember, the Saint reporter Jeff Duncan said. He's a Steve Young to Joe Montana. We've had to say to reporters tell us that it's Sean Payton has this idea. Steve Young could throw the ball. Steve Young completed 70% of his passes. Taysom Hill was not a great college quarterback. But where the Saints reporters getting that from Probably from Sean Payton. I'm guessing he should. Sean loves him, but I don't know. I don't get it. He wasn't a great college quarterback, and that was four years ago. Is he one of those guys that can you put him on the field? Can you keep him on the field? Can you find reps form? Maybe, but I don't think he's the second coming of Lamar Jackson. But I don't think he's even Colin Kaepernick. By the way, Juicy Floreal had article he said. Zero interest and Colin Kaepernick. Memory. It felt like there was a push by the commissioner that Hey, teams. They're interested in him and I let him okay. I said at the time, and I firmly believed it. He'd never play football again. I don't know if that's And his Floreal points out. Why doesn't somebody just call Colin Kaepernick's bluff? Because everybody keeps saying the same thing that Kaepernick's not going to play unless he's a starter? Why not?.

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