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Just Jason shows. Schedule. But during the holidays, I don't like to book too many guess because like I said, but Wally ran into him talk to him and he was like, yeah, I'd love to do it. And he got a book out. Trying to sell a book. So we'll do that. But quick little talk about the Malibu, which was entered, which was drawn. I should say, and a field of 7. And as I said, I was kind of going through there like, oh, baby Yoda oh, time was about it. What's the one on the mountain your sprint? Okay, stiletto boy at then I got to doctor Shiva, who I have maintained. I think it's just a monster. And he was my best opinion on the breeders cup, strongest opinion, and do you guys know the rest? Just got snatched right at the wire. So I see his name and then I had forgotten the flight line showing up at flight line is drawn right outside of doctor shy. Now flight line, obviously, at least in his first couple races has been a little speedier on the doctor travel. But doctor shy was pretty quick too, right? Like he can go sub 22 if he needs to. And so I'm really curious how this race is going to play out because you have, in my opinion, one of the best. I mean, everybody's opinion what you have to say, doctor shy was one of the best sprinters in the country at this point. One the Bing Crosby, won the sandiest print in a walk. I know there was that weird equipment rain thing. And then he should have won the briefcase. Caught late. He's indisputably one of the best sprinters in the country. And when the del mar for charity last year and he's against he's running against one of the most hyped horses that I can remember, like legit, no joke. Flight line at this point. I mean, he was big height before the first win, he was off for a little while there he came back. He was, he got a one 17 bris number for that effort. Like that's just bonkers. And it's an optional claiming group. So we got to take what is, but the workouts and the hype are real for this horse and we are going to I think we're going to see a showdown. And maybe flight line just buries him. Who knows? I think doctor Shia was amazing, but on numbers numbers, I mean, one 17 makes doctor shivu look like me running against Usain Bolt. Maybe not that dramatic, but you know you get the idea. So really curious, first, curious what John white's going to do with the morning line. I would think flight line is favored, right? Based off the hype based off every $1 million yearling. Verona's racing in West Point. All the big names are there. But he's also running against the multiple grade one winner who almost just won the British cap sprint. So I gotta take flight lines favored clear second choice. And then after that, like is it, is it baby Yoda that's third choice? Triple taps probably gotta be up there too, right? It's funny because I feel like in a normal year triple tap is probably pretty well regarded in this race and he'll be rolling this race, but he's got the perfect resume so far. Johnny V's into ride. John, if he was riding at a Gulfstream the other day, that was kind of cool to get to see him, but obviously he's going to be based out in Southern California and this is why, to ride horses like triple tap for baffert. Very much looking forward to that and as I said, we'll talk a lot about those races coming up this weekend. Fun opening day card at sandy. It's one of the best traditions in racing in my opinion, the opening day, sandy a card, the day after Christmas. We will wrap up this edition of the program. Big thanks to you guys for joining us, looking forward to talking to Wally Hennessey tomorrow and we'll have some other racing talk as well. Of course. And we will see you guys back tomorrow. Everybody have a great rest of your Tuesday..

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