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Have to go to sleep until two or three in the morning. It'd be able to get a good night sleep and still get to work ahead of time. So yeah, it was a different schedule. I usually went home after the afternoon practice, and did my football homework, then and was able to go out in the thing and spend a lot of hours out individual city. Joe you you win the championship? You become not only a national celebrity bit an international celebrity ultimately your career ends in the late seventies. You you go into TV act to Monday night football, and I'm speeding through this. Because I it's an amazing journey. But at some point things began to turn you got married, but you found yourself drinking a lot. Yeah. And it actually. Was brought up birth by my former white back in nineteen eighty eighty five early. Eighty six told me that he thought I had a drink in problem. She wanted me to reach out and get help. Well, I didn't think I had a drinking problem. And I thought I could stop first of all I went went to a psychologist psychiatrist kind of guy. And I mean, we we talked we met I did this on a few occasions weekly, and I found myself all right after leaving his opposite five in the afternoon stopping at a whiskey store and buying a pint of vodka on my way home. I I I didn't take my wife could now let here I was for spending acting feeling like, okay, I'll get some guidance some some help. But I I would I did. I mean, I I dated the alcohol, and so when she challenged me again, I told her I would stop, but I wasn't going to check in and get help. It it nearly terrified me to think that I couldn't do it that I couldn't stop. I was embarrassed that I needed help. And I couldn't see myself checking into rehab place. So what I did was I stopped drinking I stopped for thirteen and a half year. Didn't have a drink. What we learned what I learned in a is that described as the dry drunk, you know, without the education, you know. Okay. You stop for a while. But you don't know why you don't know how dangerous it is that the rest of the education. And then I was also taught that I found an excuse to go back to it. And to me, it was kind of a justified excuse, but it was just at any excuse when I look back on it. And that was going through a divorce. You know, what the heck I just do my hands up and. I quit. You know, just I just gave up so to speak and started drinking again. And then after I. He, hey, the very improperly, and it was brought to my attention. I was able to go get educated and on this day or that day back in two thousand three or so I have been Stover clean living better late. Hell I wouldn't be alive right now, buddy. If I had maintained to pay I was on. Joe you had to Nali face, but he had to face it in front of the whole world and not to spend much time on the the now famous infamous interview on Monday night football with Suzy kolber. But that's what brought it to ahead..

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