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So cameron diaz meet forty million for a movie that teacher want to and i don't think that did that well didn't well it did well with young boys yeah i bet it did well said so are these the highest paid this according according to this talks about this they run this down according to the highest paid movie roles of all time but then they give separate sources so i'm not you know like cameron diaz is from yahoo finance robert downey junior in in iron man the avengers mid fifty million and that you know have you got paid fifty million just for the first one decamp rio in inception fifty million dollars wasn't even a good movie well nobody you know what like he did this he did inception just from box office earnings but his deal also included home video and television sales so he took a pay cut to do the movie got the dollar with gross points right that's jack mart i know nicholson the joker batman fifty million and he was paid six million upfront for his role as the eighty nine batman and secured the deal another deal on top of that then included box office earnings and merchandise sales from sequels pretty pretty nice that is a good a good gig if you can get it boy no kidding johnny depp jack's barrel pirates of the caribbean yeah fifty five million now he's flat broke by the way he's earned.

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