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For straight talk brought to you by straight talk Wireless. About what it means for the nation's top Ryan team, Reece Davis on Freddy and Fitz Simmons. You don't know what it would mean the following week against Notre Dame, either as it pertains to football. It's a big deal. I mean, they've got they've got two really talented quarterbacks behind him. The both are young and needed played. And they also as interest on the defensive side. So you know, depending on what Trevor status with the for the day and the following week in a highly Possible that they will go in there at far less than full strength and the Ah talked about in another context, a limited number of games for other conferences. You know what if what if constant drops one of those games? You know what it was? You know what if they got two of them and somehow didn't point Nations champions again, I don't think that's likely. Davis goes on to touch on just how fragile regardless regardless of the conference. This college football season is think they are are still so good, so talented that they can fight back with the same ease they would have with the best quarterback in the country. But you know it brings other senses the equation, and it just shows you how how fragile this season is, and also a difficult job, College boy off selection Committee or have Davos, Sweeney confirming there are no issues with contact tracing, so no players are out due to contact with Lawrence. Greg sank. E SEC commissioner joined Freddy and Fitz Simmons obviously hoped for his good health. Good recovery. We've had young people go through it. Go through a well. Um, you know, nothing is surprising and these things can happen. I think it's a tribute for the testing protocol. Um, certain. Clemson, like R Remember, universities are prepared. For these realities. You have to adjust. You know, there's a sign when you walk in the door of the Southeastern Conference and says, Be flexible and doubts our reality. But we first informer what was was Trevor of Good Health. Speedy recovery saved for anybody touched by this and then clothes that have been healthy to stay. How being different with them What they may have thought on Monday, but we're all having to adjust and that a straight talk wireless no contract. No compromise. True. Freshman deejay Ukulele Likely to start against BC. He's seen limited snaps this season 12 of 19 through the air, but Wass Number three overall quarterback recruit in the country in 2020. Lawrence, of course, the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy, So this is a big blow on the field. He hasn't missed a game in his three seasons that Clemson prior to this, but they're still talent in that covered. So says he and Fitz Simmons without Trevor. Laurence. What was Clemson? Well, hold on a minute, man. That's like last year when you not talked about when to a tongue Apollo went down in Alabama. You think Nick Saban's handing out some Scalito a quarterback can't throw it? Five yards getting back Jones right now the end of last season and what he's doing right now, Bad boy right there. You mean deejay? Ukulele, Right? The true freshman at Clemson dabble. Sweeney. Just give this guy a scali to go to Clemson. And he can't Chuck it five yards. I'm not saying he's Trevor Laurence, but I mean, it's not like this guy can't play rising ground. Keyshawn Jalen Zubin weekday mornings from 6 to 10 A.m. Eastern, here on ESPN Radio and ESPN News. They'll be joined by Paul Finebaum at 9 10 Eastern to talk about the impact of Clemson losing their quarterback Trevor Laurence, the covert 19 and they'll also have thoughts. On how this virus is impacting the rest of college football, including the Big 10 Tonight. It was a great fashion. It was great finish of the two minute finished. I just feel like the team just jumped off the page, and I was ready to play. I think if you offer a blanket, just the players are in that locker room. Be thrilled with the effort that you put forth..

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