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At least fifty people statewide have now been killed by these players. Most of the victims in the north Butte county one hundred national guard troops are joining efforts to find the remains of people unaccounted for number two. Ford is teaming up with WalMart to explore how self driving vehicles can deliver many everyday goods such as groceries diapers and pet food and personal care items in Miami Dade County. Third thing to know a New Jersey teen who went missing for two weeks has been found in Philadelphia safe where exactly. Thomas Kolding was found his family says it fifteen year olds spent a night in the hospital because he's been through a lot. He left his home a day before Halloween with a thousand dollars leaving behind a note and said that he was off to see the world. Five. More measles cases have been confirmed in Lakewood, New Jersey officials say the infected people may have exposed others to the disease while they were at sites in Lakewood between October twenty fifth and November first anyone who thinks that he or she might have been exposed should call a healthcare provider before going to a medical office or emergency department, so special arrangements can be made for evaluation. WCBS CBS news time, eight seventeen teenage Johnson and Johnson subsidiary. In New Jersey is being sued by New Jersey for allegedly deceiving. Patients about the safety of painkillers and how a dicta- they are. Here's Sean Adams. According to New Jersey's attorney general the seeds of the opioid epidemic were planted in part right in New Jersey's own backyard. The state has filed a lengthy lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson subsidiary. Janssen pharmaceuticals in Raritan, alleging deceptive marketing in pushing a couple of its opioid pain medications attorney, general Gerber gray wall. They funded bogus research. They've pushed bogus theories like pseudo addiction things that have been debunked. They said that they position to Cinta Cinta ER as a safer alternative to other more powerful opioid drug says, the director mentioned when in fact, they were the same types of opioid drugs Janssen defends its marketing practices and refutes the allegations. This is the third such lawsuit filed by New Jersey as it attempts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the addiction crisis. According to the CDC four out of five heroin addicts start with prescription pain pills. Sean Adams WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty eight.

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