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Guess what day? It is be a pop quiz on Wednesday, picking them. Now. Wednesday stays great day. It's the most anticipated hour of the day is here. Welcome to upstate live with Joey Hudson, your source for the big trending topics and the stories that are about default through the cracks combined with great guests and free wheeling audience participation buckle up. It could get rough eights upstate live on ninety four five WGTK the answer to President Donald Trump postponed. His state of the union speech. According to house speaker Nancy Pelosi, that's exactly what should happen and allow or speaker over to the White House today miss Pelosi site security concerns and suggest the present wait until the partial government shutdown in before coming over to Capitol Hill address joint session of congress. I've got an idea Madam speaker if you're so concerned about security why not just give the president of money needs to build the wall. So we can all feel safe. Most observers of yesterday's testimony of William bar in front of Senator Lindsey grants. Senate. Share committee agreed that he fared pretty well, Fox News reporting that Mr. bar emerged without a scratch grape or bruising knowledge in yesterday's calm, respectful atmosphere was totally different from what they saw during the Brett Cavanaugh hearings on more on that in just a minute next week January twenty second voters in the state Senate district seat six that the that's the seat that William Tim's bake aided on being elected to represent the fourth congressional district. They'll cast her vote in a special election to fill the remainder of his term there. Three candidates councilwoman. Amy, Riber Doyle, Representative Dwight losses and businessman Jeffrey stringer outta ask. All three candidates jomie for few minutes this week on to talk about why they should win your vote in this special election. We're going gonna start that today. Jeffrey stringer is a native of north Greenville county is raised in the Blue Ridge community after graduating from Blue Ridge high school earned his degree in international studies from the universe. The of South Carolina, and while in college became very involved in Republican campaigns and as worked behind the scenes to help elect Republicans at all levels of government, Jeffrey and his wife Elise. Tucson Stendhal and Jones at least serves as the pastor of redeemer Lutheran church in gritter Jeffrey, thank you for taking a few minutes. We after need to be with us. Thank you, Joe. If you're having since you have been involved behind the scenes, so to speak helping other candidates all these years, how does it filled anoth- at your name's going to actually be on the ballot on January twenty second. If a lot different it's been an eye opening experience. When you're handling a campaign behind the scenes, you don't get to hear lots of things that are on the front line and talking to different voters while have been trying to get my name out. There has been a very much eye opening experience, you really get a good feel of what the issues are how they're feeling it their everyday life. How how the government is affecting them. And how they would rather have the government stay out of their lives rather than rather than the as involved as they are. Now, I'll think that's probably an overall feeling we all share that in this case less is more. So just this week Jeffrey governor, Henry master released his executive budget with an emphasis on education tax relief and public safety. Obviously the legislature muss put their final approval on this. If successful in this special election, you'll eventually cast a vote on what you believe should be the state's spending priorities talk with us for a minute about the state budget. And what you believe those priorities should be obviously right now, we do need to make education a priority. The school systems are struggling and a lot of it is because teachers are worried about testing testing testing of the students, and this is in the public school system. They're worried about all the administrative red tape they need freedom to actually teach there the children in their classrooms rather than having to worry about you know, what is what is the next thing. That's coming down from new administration. I do believe that the teachers in our state should receive a pay increase, and we need that not only to attract new teachers, but also to retain the teachers that we have I've actually heard. To because of the class size. There have been some teachers that have said I would rather have a smaller class where I can focus on the students to rather than have have a pain crease right now looking at the budget, and we have this big reserve. I don't quite understand. Why? They have just now addressed this issue as far as education goes, I know that just throwing money at the problems not gonna help we're twenty four th in the nation in student funding yet we're fiftieth in in the results. Sure firm education. So yes, we do need to pay the teachers more. Yes that surplus will help but at the same time we need to really rethink what we're doing in the classrooms. I think that school choice is a big. Is a big thing that will actually help competition on the public school side. I'm in favor of school choice, and you know, about eight years ago. There was a well written Bill that failed getting through the house by one vote. And actually Republicans were the ones that did not vote for that Bill that the died in the house, and it was a well written Bill. It was sponsored by some local politicians that were very much in support of school choice. But you look back in if something like that could have made it through eight years ago, it could have potentially affected where our public school system is now in regards to to our our testing to where we're are standing in the nation. We wouldn't be behind Mississippi. Right. Yeah. I gotcha. There yet. Let's move on. We we there lot of important issues. Of course that our state is facing. Just this week. Senator Tom Davis introduced a compassionate Care Act. He's a Republican Beaufort. This was a co sponsored in the house by Representative Peter McCoy, Senator Davis says this is about doctors and patients deciding what's in the patient's best interest. Not politicians not law enforcement. You have a personal story. Here you have a personal interest. I in a child talk with us a little bit about this whole issue. And it's gonna be a big issue this legislative session of legalizing medical marijuana. Whatever you wanna call it talk with how this affects your household. Well, my oldest son Tyndall was my wife actually went into labor is seventeen weeks with with him. And by the grace of God and him working through doctors. They were able to stop the labor in save both his life and my wife's live too because they said that there was a fifty percent chance that she may have infection. And it could not only be her life, but that both of their lives. So she went into premature labor. They were able to stop it. She was on bed rest for four months in the hospital. Our son was born early. He was born at thirty one weeks and spent some time in the intensive care unit came home, you know, we thought we had a very healthy child at and we did he was doing well. And then about when he was three years old we discovered that. He was having seizures called absence seizures, basically, we thought he was Spacey, and he was just had these blank stares. But in reality he was having seizures that were actually affecting affecting his brain. So fortunately, we have good doctors. And there are some medications out there to help control the seizures. But there has been research done that the medicinal cannabis in the way, they extract the oils. Is very effective in keeping those seizures at bay. He's maxed out on some of these medicines. So, you know, we're as he grows the potential is he could have more breakthrough seizures we've met parents that have children that were having ten seizures a day. They actually moved out of state to states where medicinal marijuana was legal, and they were recommended that treatment by their doctors. And they had kids the head tin seizures a day. And then they were, you know, going down to like three Caesar three seizures a month while so it isn't affective treatment for not only that. But my father has Parkinson's disease is been shown to be effective treatment for Parkinson's disease for cancer patients who need to keep up strength through continuing to eat getting protein in their system while they're doing chemotherapy radiation. You know, it it is shown that medicinal. Quality can help the nausea where they can continue to eat and keep their strength. And they have a better chance of beating that cancer. If they if they can do that. So I am in favor of the Bill the way it is written is a very conservative Bill compared to other states, and it is going to be very regulated. I'm not on board with recreational marijuana. I just want to make that clear. I mean, this is a completely different ballgame. And I believe that if it is well regulated. If if Lohan forcement is onboard there have been some concessions made in this year's Bill to help fund law enforcement and help actually education drug education for students. So I think the way the Bill is written is very very good for the state of South Carolina, and is also not something that could be misconstrued as we're bringing in recreational marijuana likes them. Other stage done. So so you would be in favor of the Bill as Senator Tom Davis introduced just as wing ES as written. I'm in favor of that Bill, and we just have just a this time goes by quickly Jeffrey so have just a few minutes left. Here's I want to kind of wrap a couple of questions together. Here roads infrastructure. You know, do we have the money that we need Greenville county is is the wealthiest county in the state, we we're sending a lot of tax dollars to Columbia that are being sent to other counties talk with us a little about do. We have the money that we need for our roads and infrastructure. We raised our gas tax just recently and is better way for us to to to distribute the money more equitably, I think that we do have the money now, especially with with the gas tax increase the usage tax increase that we had. You know, we we were operating under nineteen eighty-seven numbers when we increased that a couple years ago. So so we should now have the money that we need to keep our infrastructure up to date and repair where the repairs need to be made. Now as a county, we should get our fair share. I think we should get our fair share. But we also have to think, you know, we have a lot of. You know, we have a lot of trucks going from Greenville to Charleston to the poor things like that. So we also need those, you know, those roads that take state funds to maintain to be kept up as well. So while we need to keep our fair share. I think there does need to be some some of that money going towards other parts of the state that directly affect Greenville county with me today Jeffrey stringer, he's a candidate in the special election for Senate seat six in Greenville county, Jeffrey, take a minute just to to tell our listeners while they should be casting their vote for you January twenty second. I thought long and hard about running for this seat. And I've wanted to get my name in and as an elected official as a candidate for years. I feel like I have a lot to give back to the community. I am a very conservative candidate. I'm pro-life. I'm pro second amendment. I'm very fiscally conservative. I think that we need to look at spending before we take a look at increasing any kind of tax. I'm very much antitax would very much rather see fees or taxes associated with with usage rather than just across the board. I feel that what I bring is a free spur fresh perspective. My other two opponents are both elected officials. They've been elected officials for a long time that they they have their own perspective. But for me, I'm a very conservative voter. I have some different new ideas, and how we can fix an address some of the issues in our state, whether it be education, or whether it be the pension crisis in those are the reasons that I feel like I am the best candidate to take my voice to Columbia for Senate district six. Yeah. Jeffrey, thank you again for being with us and spending a few minutes of you with us. Thank you so much sure. And plan to vote next week January the twenty second special election Senate district number six in Greenville county. So should President Donald Trump postpone, his state of the union speech? That's what house speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ask him in a letter to White House today. We're in. Talk about that in just a few minutes. Eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five year. Call your opinion, your insight when we come back ninety four five WGTK the answer. What

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