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But you're right about just kind of the nature of the SEC east for one team to rise up and this is just this is just how it works. Somebody has got to fall down. And who is slipping in the SEC east right now? I think you see Tennessee as a team on the rise under Josh hypo, Kentucky's not going anywhere. South Carolina is Shane beamer made some progress this year. Georgia is not going anywhere. Florida is you could say the other going to slip a little bit but they weren't very good this year. There were 6 and 6. So for Missouri to make that climb and to be a more of a contender and to get squarely in that second tier behind Georgia, somebody's got a slip and the best easiest way for you to move up is to beat one of those teams above you. And that's been a challenge from Missouri. They haven't beaten Tennessee yet under drink with. They split with Kentucky. They have beaten South Carolina both times, split with Florida. So you got to build some traction by beating the teams in your division. And I'm not sure we know enough about what this team is going to look like next year to make really solid predictions on that. Dave matters St. Louis post dispatch. Thank you so much for hanging out, man. Happy holidays to you and the family. We appreciate it. Thank you. Great. My pleasure. Thanks. Always a pleasure. Dave matter from the St. Louis post, dispatch at Dave underscore matter excellent excellent coverage of the Missouri tigers in there. Eli Drake, which is a fascinating dude, I love the schtick. I think it's great. And he's recruiting like crazy, but that recruiting has to turn into wins quickly or expectations disappoint quickly. My name is Braden Gaul filling in for Paul 855-242-7285 back to your calls. Next, Paul 5 mom show ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. So your brain surgeon. Yeah, but part time. Part time brain surgeon, full-time football fan. How was that possible? AT&T 5G with reliable football alerts and fast streaming, I am always thinking about the game. Well, I hope not when you're operating..

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