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Texas. The avalanche of early votes is feeding Democrats hopes, especially since the bold show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is running unusually close. President Trump Won Texas by 9% points in 2016. So far, he's shown little worry about this year. He's been spending his campaign time and money on more obvious battleground states. Dennis Martingale I F NEWS, Texas Senator John Cornyn says he's expecting only a single digit difference in the polls on Election Day between him and Democratic challenger M. J. Hager. He tells phase inside Texas politics, she maybe winning the spending race, but that he's still winning the Texas with substance. He's outspending me, too. The one with all those out of state money. Um, But there's more than money involved in campaigns six years ago corn and won his race for the Senate by 27 points. There's still a little more than a week to go until election day. Munna string of fatal shootings over the weekend that left nine people dead and seven injured across the Metroplex is a shooting in Denton, where police are investigating after two men were shot. Police responded Saturday night to multiple 9 11 calls. In the 100 block of Duchess drive. One man was found with a wound in his leg taken to a hospital. Possible second victim had arrived in a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. That one died from his injuries. Police are asking anybody with information to please call the Denton Police Department, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards urging storm weary residents to prepare for the possibility that Tropical Storm Zeta could hit the state as a hurricane in the middle of the week, Edward said, it's too early to know the storm's exact path. But the current tracking Cone includes Southeast Louisiana. Forecast also shows a to becoming a hurricane before landfall. Louisiana has already been pummeled by this year's Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Number of storm evacuees from Louisiana have taken up residence in the D F W area well, Andy Dalton was sidelined last night a yesterday afternoon during the Cowboys. Ridiculous laws to the Washington football team. Final score 25 to 3 and Andy Dalton, the Cowboys back up quarterback at a concussion from a shoulder to head Blow that sent the said his helmet flying that was coach Mike McCarthy. Took notice of the fact that none of the other Cowboys on the field at the time I got into the face of the Washington linebacker Jon Bostic, who was thrown out of the game for that hit. And I guess the coach is thinking. You guys are supposed to take care of your quarterback night. That means enforce his well being. And there may be some indication there's toe what the problem is with this team. They're just they're not unified into it. And then you got a lot of people they have they have they have. They have the worst offensive line in football out because of all the injuries. Now you've got two quarterbacks out. And we don't even know if Andy Dalton's going to be back next week, and it's just a terrible situation and the quarter and the Cowboys or two and five now and those two wins, they shouldn't have even had Then we're going to check in with Steve Lamb. He has more coming up in 7 50 this morning, but first traffic first, Let's get a business update. I should say from Spencer McGowan Morning, Spencer Morning, Amy well with.

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