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I run together tearing I've talked about this. It was. I mean I was there was so much anxiety because i. I realized that this person that couldn't see was relying on. Her and. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing. Welcome to the I. Run because podcast. We all have a reason why we run. Each person has unique purpose to answer their y. You're Y. moves you. Why get you across the finish line? You're why can motivate others. I run because seeks dunes by others by exploring the why of athletes who run for charitable organizations and causes. I'm your host Job Rashard? And I have my lovely co, my guide and life my wife Christine. This season on Iran because we are highlighting running club. Achilles international running. Club that partners guides with runners of different abilities to compete in mainstream running events. While, Achilles focuses on running. The truth is running a simply a tool for accomplishing their main objective to bring hope inspiration, and the joys of achievement for all I'm having tonight. We have John Sterling and. Terry rupp from Achilles Las Vegas Hi John Hi Terry. And good good, thank you. So let's get started. Why don't we just jump right into this John You. Are The the chapter leader for Las? Vegas correct yeah I am actually and I started kills Las Vegas together so and might cheer up a little bit, and so I kind of them right now because. Like this. This whole thing means really lot to me. Like what we built together. A couple of years ago, we started in November right Terry. Take and so yeah, it's unbelievable journey and we've become super good friends. You've run, I mean. On the what hundreds of miles together? I can't even count the hundreds of miles together I mean. We've run marathons when ultra marathon and not to mention all of the training runs, there'd be from eating. So how did you guys connect I mean starting to chapter is is no small feat. and. Chapter that success goal is no small feat and John. Irene I'm positively a lot more. Oh! Of Love the story. What are we? Uh. Yeah she hates it and so Carey is. On. Of The kindest. Muslim bubbly Lake St Personalities. Always happy and when I called National Federation the Blind about it rings so. Honestly so if you call National Federation of the Blind Nevada Terry picks up. And, so did because I was looking for athletes and. And she picked up and she was having a grumpy day. And, so she denies it to this. But like I called and I said Yeah So. She's like what. And I was like yeah, so this is what I'm doing. I told her about Achilles in that I was. A-. And immediately like there was a one eighty where she's like. Yeah, and then he's like I want to tomorrow. Let's go run tomorrow. And so the two of US started together in a park was actually we didn't even have any Achille shirts and I don't think. But yeah, so it was. A start like for me honestly. I run together tearing. I've talked about this. It was. I mean. There was so much anxiety because I. I realized that this person couldn't see was relying on. To. Guide her and. Honestly. I had no idea what I was doing I never done it or and so. It was. It really was. It really was an anxiety still run. Honestly afterward like? Like just filled my heart up so much and Jerry and I have been kind of cheese and carrots ever since. It was Terry Terry where you are runner. Before that phone call non exactly I I did a five k. a couple years prior, but I still had a lot more residual fight at the time and I didn't have any friends who wanted to run with me so I decided to do it anyway and I chose the ball, a big group of a group of people, wearing bright red shirts, and I actually lost them and kept going into turn where I was supposed to turn and. Wasser out the noise of the crowd. Finish the race I mean I've been race, but. I've always had a dream that I wanted to run a marathon so I never thought it would have been possible, and then here comes John All excited. About thirty to Kelly's and I had heard from a lot of my blade. Runner friends about A. But I'd never taken the initiative to look not. So don calls and I may have been grumpy. I met this and looking forward to I. Know I might be a John. John! But then he carries. Around and I said Yeah when you and I mean he here's this guy I have no idea who you know who he is, so I asked him to meet me out of local parts. Because there's been some, crepeau. So. He kind of anyway. Yeah, but I still love you. So we ran I. Think we ran. Block. or Miles on the first one and. Yeah I run go away and I said whenever in the Las Vegas fucking whole marathon and the whole time. Don thanks themselves. Their rock and roll. Please those rocky. Oh. Yeah, that's absolutely true. So the first day we met you know I ask Terry what her goals were, and she wanted to run a marathon, which was awesome, and I was down and in. You know in my mind I'm thinking. Please don't say rock and roll is just don't say rock and Roll Vegas these domes, and of course. As she said she said I. WanNa Run Rock and Roll Vegas. Right, this begs the question. I was just GonNa say that's on my list of things to do. All right. Now do not to it. And, this podcast is sponsored by rock and roll marathon. Just Going Has I think it's it's awesome. I would recommend doing it, but I wouldn't recommend doing the full. Is it a boring course or is it a? What is it about about bad guys that you didn't like? John for me. I pictured in my mind. Was You know fifty thousand other people around and hops, take care of. You, know my friend who can't see. And so that was really why I thought about like no. There's not a good idea. And and it turns out that yes, there are fifty thousand other people there, and we first of all it was. It was an awesome time. I mean we had a great. At this marathon? Is, the full is a poor worse so like the middle part of it like the middle. Kerry, what hour and a half two hours we. Me Ran around parking lot basically..

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