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Look at some ongoing projects. Well, the big one is forty four. The eastbound renovation from king tie would a grand. It's complete starting up in the new year. The westbound renovation will resume from grand king's highway, a might remember a few months ago. A problem was found along westbound forty four by Shrewsbury. But so far there's no firm date to tackle that one already lane shift through that area and expect ongoing work at the Merrimack river bridge by two seventy in March Modi plans to release their twenty nine thousand nine projects. And those will be dependent understand much revenue is available. Well Campbell Xs Brett bloom recalls offbeat story, he covered in two thousand eighteen which he actually tried to participate in with humbling results. Well, this was the early fall opening of the ANGOP Arto tell on grand with a unique color concept for each room designed to reflect the mood of the person staying their rooms are colored entirely red for passion. Blue for tranquility green for rejuvenation and yellow for happiness. Another part of the new hotels concept is original artwork. Displayed throughout the facility. Help advertise. The pending opening owners organized a contest, which people were encouraged to submit their best artwork on a cocktail napkin that because the hotel also includes the grand tavern by David Burke, when my news director got wind of this promotion and talked with me about doing a story on it. I made the fatal mistake bragging about how I had been voted most artistic senior in high school, which by the way, it's been well over three decades ago. Now, it was then decided that instead of just covering the art contests and hotel opening I should submit my own napkin artwork. In order to be an active participant. And what followed was me trying to wrack my brains fried us to submit will also trying to rejuvenate artistic abilities. They had not.

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