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Welcome back to coast to coast back with Michael Palin Jr Michael before we get into the work is acari a surgeon is Adam's calendar and the stone circle ruins the same or two different places annoyed at it it's all part of the John good so if people can just imagine the sun circled on just a few sun circled going together in one area we talking about the entire southern African continent is covered by the structure my gosh okay a hundred and fifty thousand square kilometers you know it's the size of the size all of an entire country oh my god once you ge states in the USA and I talked to thought of Armageddon a big logically larger than that at covers new probably Hoffa thought Africa and most of them Bob way and into parts of Botswana and Mozambique and across the Zambezi river which is the northern part of border of of Zimbabwe into Zambia if it is this is Bach this is what our people conduct pre shaded until actually come here until they come here on one of the two is that our views and drive around we drive from South Africa across the border into the Broadway and they see that the ongoing extend on that it boggles your mind how long is the drive how long is the drive my car while a couple large it's a it's a one day drive one day okay yeah I don't offend if you fly in from South Africa into below I would normally either drive across the border across the Limpopo river and then I had another three hundred kilometers talking about way too much lingo a grade a biowaste always fly WYO from Hattiesburg I which is easier but then you have to drive then you can go see the copy run in but I which is spectacular all part of the cold because the group stuff everywhere and then it's a five hour drive from day to month lingo going from west southwest the Bombay talkies and Bob went at it we didn't very quiet but damage journey is that it's a very unique experience how much excavation was required or were they just popped up standing up almost well the regular barber was that was the the first big one in southern Africa that was excavated from forty from the late eighteen hundreds by call now and then others that came up to him and that's when they took out all the the important public taken out removed like for example the lintel there was a little cold about an entrance that was into the mining closure of grades and Bob way the Portuguese came across that the problem with that is that very little had a written script on a bill written language and at the time none of the African tribes that lived in that area had the written language so whoever built it what come in different areas or different group of B. that had some sort of written language that the problem with that is that the Portuguese took back and they try to have a good five foot and they they could not that visited the property is that the script from the the the the little at greater Bob way.

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