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What is the best form of relaxation. What goes on. How'd you relax. Nutella the definitely going to be there. I won't lie. I'm a big fan of the tel in the mornings especially with reckless foods. Pancakes crepes waffles. Maybe even french toast. Just gotta see what. I'm going to be a bit bigger which i'm sure that's the first thing my engineer will call me up if you know just about because obviously is always a thing with tall drivers at a very funny dream. I told my engineer the other day and again ayatollah guy. I'm not. I'm one eighty six six so i'm under the weight limit but because i'm tall. Have to keep an eye on on myself for the way ltd. Emily engineer naturally being an engineer. He's always wants to fight for those. You know last hundres and they could tell you you know if i was two hundred grams heavier than i should have been over the race since it will cost me x. Amount of time. That weekend. So i had a dream the other week and the i told them when i was at the last time they were out. I was at the simulator session in the dream. Imagine your comes in and he starts giving me a bit of a shit. Just give me a bit of shit. Because he says to light under the weight limit. it's affecting the distribution of the car. This is a great problem to have resou- quite an extreme action too late but it never happened. Never never happen. It's actually a few times this year. What i've been. I've been told you could eat a bit more but Yeah i scarred a bit from last year if you don't wanna give any numbers out. But i'm quite interested to note. What is your fighting weight so basically with all of my kit because of my probably you know shoes boots helmets. Hawn's everything like that probably weighs about anywhere between four and a half to four point eight. Those obviously the taller. You are the heavier. You're should way because you have bigger shoes. Bigger suits more material. Maybe a bigger head helmet just defense so my race away. Let's say pre-qualifying try and target seventy seven point five kilos. So that's me around high. Seventy two seventy three. That's not much body for that. That's not much mattel. And that's obviously you know being hydrated not a full stomach. Because you know you don't wanna race on a but you've eaten. It's not like a morning a morning. Wait when you're kind of like a bit of dehydrate way myself in the morning. That's the most consistent time to wake up. That's where yourself and that's that's consistent as As you'll get you right now. What about other sports during the break. I mean your basketball fan still playing. Unfortunately i haven't played in a little while This where i live right now. At least the minorities lying areas to go shoot some hoops and unfortunately i don't really walk off. How really been able to watch a lot of this year. either. I mean it's it's done now finished Less last week. I believe me. I've just been on the time difference. I mean i like to watch them. Live the games that don't like the catch up on the game and then obviously the watch them the next day when you cut him know the result what is as toronto. Toronto raptors are the the my home team We didn't do very good this year. Quite bad actually..

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