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Can do it if they want. The tunics were slowing down the work as the members would trip in them well trying to build so back to the uniforms so so new. Uniforms were established so cry. Just think these people rope in their like god. Damn these uniforms are so a new uniform was established. Dark blue wraparound belts so that they wouldn't trip over them. As a labor became increasingly intense a few members decided to quit including the man who sold all of his possessions to fund the clinics months earlier throughout allowed them to leave but told the rest of his followers that they had sold their souls to the devil. So he was like. Yeah you guys can leave and then turned around and was like those guys are going to hell and if you leave you're going to hell as well so of reinforcement of don't leave right now. It's more ideological definitely does not is not that later on but no longer a member of the adventist church there was drinking again and becoming increasingly violent. He drunkenly preached to his followers about the end of the world and if anyone fell asleep he smashed their head with a club. He's starting to get That violent punishment from the old testament now. don't fall asleep or i will potentially give you concussion right right and i mean. That's another element that we see. A lot in colts is the whole concept of sleep deprivation because it makes people were malleable and boys that not a deterrent. And and he's drunk too so he just like. Let's stay up all night and such a good dude. Yeah such a nice guy. After the cabin was finally built it was time for regular life to begin throughout began sleeping with almost all of the women in in the cult and giselle became quite jealous. Her fears were correct. She tried to run away but he found her and proceeded to choke her until she agreed to come back. Never run away again. Yes oh punched her her definitely not a good thing and they're in the middle of nowhere so it's not like she can really go anywhere. Which sucks it's right. You got to believe that. She's probably very very fearful. Imagine day strength the courage it would take to try to get away to begin with knowing what he's capable of. You know. I mean we we see in you know situations of domestic violence. You know that it's extremely dangerous for people. When they try to leave a situations this guy has millions. Well that's like there is domestic violence. Which is like yeah. It's horrible and it's very hard to get away from. But then this is like multiplied ten times where you got almost like twenty extra is on you and they all know that you're trying to get away so right it's that extra pressure and definitely not a good situation to be in for her or her child says she's got a child now to write afraid of losing control over his followers. He insisted that they refer to him as poppy. Or moses and changed all of his followers names to names from the old testament. What is it with people calling themselves. Awhile i don't know. But moses papi's a big like that our father something like father thing will. There was a covered a call the beginning of the season of malice and he also the leader also referred to himself as modest. It's a big thing and i've talked about this. I think a couple of episodes ago where the leader would would changed. Everyone's name and changed his own name and right and It's a it's a thing that a lot of leaders do i think to a stat like to erase identity. You're no longer that person you you're now this person this who you are. And then they call themselves somewhere some relation to god of some sort right where whether it's yeah moses. Poppy father god themselves with with the always been. Y'all he was godson of going. So so is that thing where they were they force you to call them this all main thing that you worship and i think it's it's interesting to the very first time that i kind of learned about that phenomenon was in rescuing dogs like they encourage you to rename a dog very interesting rescue situation because they do need you to break from that former situation in order to acclimate you to your new pack right and so you know i was learning about that and then there was a lot of crossover with once again. The family manson's and so we have all these people who have famous names like a tex watson which interestingly being that he was one of the few men in the group right his first name was also charles. Yes have a good old chuck. Manson couldn't hand charles. I imagine that would go over. Which is how he got. The name texts very interesting. I did not know about the dog thing. That's very cool. Because i've actually considered getting rescue. So that's That's very interesting. Yeah i mean a lot of times. People see like the pound and things like that and they'll go. Oh this dog's name is tricky. It's like this dog has not been called trixie. Its life there slapping name on it because it makes it seem more daring like. Here's no name and here's no name. It's probably maybe a trigger for them to when they don't hear their name. Yeah that's that's very interesting so that that is a big thing that they do At another big thing that they do because he just going by the cult checklist He began rationing their food On one occasion when murray's guarany eight.

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